In the book and the film, Hawkeye had played football in college; in the series, he is non-athletic. She is an experienced surgical nurse, so although she thoroughly disapproves of the surgeons’ off-duty tomfoolery, she is able to set her personal feelings aside to appreciate their skills, such as when she came down with appendicitis and asked that Hawkeye, not Burns, perform the surgery if needed. Hawkeye and Trapper decide to teach him a lesson by tinting his skin darker while he is sedated and subsequently referring to him as “boy” and bringing him fried chicken and watermelon to eat. There was a black nurse through the entire series, including an episode which talked about her struggles as the token minority. In the series finale, at the th’s final dinner Rizzo claimed that he would be going home to work on a new moneymaking venture: Initially, he is transferred to the th to help them win a football game Jones is said to have played with the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers against a rival outfit. Duke makes racist comments about Jones, causing Hawkeye and Trapper to punish Duke.

He convinced a reluctant Hawkeye that the best thing for him now was to return to duty for the last days of the war. I never want her at my table again! Alda said of Pierce, “Some people think he was very liberal. Zany, irrevrent guys staring death in the face and making a good time of it. As Margaret leaves for her honeymoon, they make a halfhearted attempt to tell her that the cast could be removed, but she doesn’t hear them over the sound of the helicopter they are departing in. The character on the television show was an anesthesiologist from Australia , often depicted wearing an Australian Slouch hat.

She spearchuckeg the regular-army head nurse of the th, and begins allied with Major Frank Burns against the more civilian doctors of the unit. On occasion, he assumes temporary command of the th in the absence or disability of Colonels Blake or Potter.

The Forgotten MASH Surgeon: The Story of Alvin Vincent Blount Jr, MD

Burns further asserts that the other surgeons could not keep up with him and complained that he was pushing them too hard. Although it is incorrect that there were none serving, the team didn’t have the means we have today to research, and therefore was factually correct at the time based off available data.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! In the show, he was the sergeant in iones of the motor pool. Major Franklin Delano Marion “Frank” Burns is the main antagonist in the film played by Robert Duvall and the first five seasons of the television series Larry Linville.


But first, I’d like to officially welcome Spearchucker to our team. He mentions in one episode that he is from Brooklyn, which was the reason he didn’t know what people who were heading to California in the late s were looking for, when quizzed.

Trapper spends much of his time on the series engaging in mischief with Hawkeye Pierce, with the two playing practical jokes on majors Frank Burns and “Hot Lips” Houlihan, drinking, and trying to seduce women. In later seasons, his roles were expanding, making him more of a recurring cast member. In the wake of her split with Burns, she becomes more comfortable with at least some of the unit’s more unorthodox ways and as time progresses, becomes a willing participant in some of the hijinks.

The reason they took him out of the cast after season one was because they learned there weren’t actually any black surgeons in the Joes Army during the Korean War. The first name “Kealani” was never spoken on screen, but according to interviews with the actress, that was the first name used on set when referring to the character.

I grew up during this period and I am Mivie and remember how nice it was to actually see Asians on T.

Fred Williamson: Dr. Oliver ‘Spearchucker’ Jones

Classical music is one of his great loves, helping him to maintain his morale. One of his most cherished possessions is his Good Conduct Medalan award “only given to enlisted men”, Potter explains to Radar while unpacking.

Potter was created as a different type of commanding officer than his predecessor: As all accounts of valor of black soldiers have not been told, we recognize that our search for African American surgeons serving in the Korean War by no means eliminates the possibility that other names will emerge.

When this scene was shot, none of the other actors had been told that Blake’s character had been killed, as the director wanted to capture authentic shocked reactions. Dr Blount is not only a decorated military surgeon; he is also recognized as an outstanding physician in the Greensboro medical community. The novel was semi-autobigraphical, as Richard Hooker was a surgeon in Korea during the war.

There were only two main black characters, many black characters in the background. Moralism masking a clandestine affair. I don’t care if you are passing, watch your mouth. While originally written to be from New York City, when the producers heard Bailey’s southern accent in his first dailies his character was moved to Louisiana. If you’re new to Discord, you can get started by downloading the official Discord client from here.

OP at least contributed something, yeah, he made a mistake, you’ve contributed nothing but a call for another subreddit to mock OP for a title you dislike. He once mentioned to Father Mulcahy that he sets aside three dollars from each salary payment for the local orphanage.


I want to make sure the oozing is checked before I close up. Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce. In the same episode, Trapper agrees to participate in a boxing match with a fighter from another outfit in exchange for a promise by Henry Blake that Cutler will be kept at the th.

Dennis rarely speaks, and never beyond a few words. Hey, what did you just say? Afterwards, Mulcahy reluctantly helps the doctors to stage the famous “Last Supper” faux suicide, to convince Painless that he should continue with life.

The mobilization to Korea occurred as he had just completed his internship and surgical residency soearchucker Kate B. Freedman’s first name was Milton instead of Sidney. Trapper sets off a mine with his shot and they cheer. Associated Press; Mar 3, In the series finale, following the sudden death of the Chinese POWs he has been teaching a work by MozartWinchester states that music has transformed into a haunting reminder of the horrors of the war.

Well, jonee it’s the title of a TV show, it should be italicized. Although his quiet faith in God is unshakable, Mulcahy is often troubled over whether his role as chaplain and religious leader has importance compared to the doctors’ obvious talent for saving lives.

Just leaving spearchucker out there with no explanation was a bad idea. He is from Philadelphia and is frequently seen wearing a Loyola sweatshirt.

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He later telephones and tells Hawkeye that he has been cleared of all charges, promoted to lieutenant colonel and assigned to a veteran’s hospital in his hometown. Ginger appears to be a competent nurse who is well-liked by the medical staff, but occasionally runs afoul of Frank Burns who blames her for his mistakes, leading to Hawkeye and Trapper coming to her defense msah pulling pranks on Frank.

Dr Blount served as the former medical director for the Guilford Health Care Center and is an executive committee member of Kindred Hospital formerly L.

But first, I’d like to officially welcome Spearchucker. There was a black nurse through the entire series, including an episode which talked about her struggles as the token minority. The setup of the hospital was to be quick and to allow for the jonea of wounded soldiers within hours of re-expansion, and was usually located within 20 minutes of the front lines. The next day, Burns is permanently sent away for psychiatric evaluation in a straitjacket, shot full of tranquilizers.