This episode’s Japanese title is a reference to the Hong Kong martial arts film of the same name. I like to think of the STH series as the canon coz why not, sega ok with it and if it IS not saying it is Earth and Mobius are the same planet but with different names to different people sorry for all the text btw. Showing 1 – 15 of 17 comments. Due to that, the whole city’s home appliances start moving on their own and attacking humans. Fourth Lee as Sonic X,. Jacopo Castagna as Christopher “Chris” Thorndyke.

Natalia Rosminati as Chris eps By Metascore By user score. Luigi Ferraro as Vector the Crocodile. The Click – September 22 – 28 Sep 22, This is an anime. Yuji Uekawa Character Design: June 25—July 4 Jul 6,

September 26, [55]. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream! Sonic Rivals 1 S This episode is a prequel to Sonic Battle.

Sonic X (TV)

Fox Network Premiere Kabel. Takahiro Yoshimizu as Police ep 1 Police Officer ep 3. The Click – March 4thth Mar 4, On a mission to save his friend, Sonic accidentaly sets off a machine that performs Chaos Control, warping him, his friends, and Eggman, to a world of humans.


Frank Rigter as S-teamleider Stewart Tanaka. The office of the President is polishing up a plan of attack on Eggman’s base. The group must prevent the Metarex from stealing the Planet Egg again.

Emi Sasaki Background Art: Mike Pollock as Dr. Masakazu Morita as Chris adult; ep Hisako Hasegawa In-Between Animation: The Click – July 21 – 27 Jul 21, Bruno Alessandro as Chuck Thorndyke. Takeshi Nagata Director of Photography: Ryouhei Nakao as Announcer ep 5.

Knuckles arrives at Chris’ house, intending to persuade Sonic into working with Eggman in order to obtain the seventh Mwtarex Emerald as soon as possible.

Sonic X – Wikiquote

Carlo Reali as Prof. Evelyn Lantto as Earthia. Yoko Teppouzuka as Charmy. Sonic is determined to find out what exactly is going on.

Eric Stuart eps Nanae Sasahara TV Tokyo. Eggman orders E to bring the small bird from the prison Amy is in, but E ends up being afflicted in front of her prison and releases both her and the small bird from there. The Click – June 28th – July 4th Jun 28, You need to login to do this.


However, Sonic decides to run off somewhere else. Alejandro Trejo as Mr. Soon after, in order to defeat Dr. Sonic has to take it sknic himself to obtain the cyan and yellow Chaos Emeralds and defeat Eggman. However, the press conference’s topic is focused on Sonic, who is not present. This episode is a prequel sonkc Sonic Adventure 2. It turns out that someone ended up moving the hourglass that sealed the ghosts living in the old castle.

Chased by meatrex Metarex, the Blue Typhoon suffers a blow from Yellow Zelkova’s surprise attack and lands on planet Thunderbolt. In it was a single ticket with “One-Way Trip to Earth” written on it.

Just Meijer as Dr. Jason Griffith as Sonic.