The story is told as if there were no connection between Vakpati and his friend and patron YasovarmS, the great king of Kanauj and the father of Ama, although it is that king whom he has eulogised in his poem, and whose achievements he has celebrated. Austere, a, sakht, durusbt, mushkil. Aqnednct, s, nahr, mnhri. Mangle, v, pharna, chima, purze-pnrze Mango, s. The name of the ceremony was vijaydbhu sheka. Such are the contents cf the Gaiidavaho. Peradventnre, ad, shayad, ittifaqan, ma- Perambulate, u.

He went to Mathura, and, as Vakpati was deeply engaged in contemplation, preached the saving tenets of Jainism to him. I feel sure no one will seriously venture to do this, as no one can assert that all the dates of the kings, from Jayasimha back to where the mistake may be supposed to have occurred before the time of Lalitaditya, are wrong — including Kalhana’s own date, in fact. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. II It is remarkable that Ta6ovatt does not bum herself on the funeral pile of her husband, but on a separate pile of her own. This legend gives the poet another opportunity of exhibiting his powers of de- scribing mighty events connected with great pheno- mena, in which he so wonderfully excels. Bawdiness, n, fuhsh, shawat, bad- masti. Fowler, s, chiri-mar, saiyad.

Dirk, 8, khanjar, pesh-qabz. Exclude, V, nikal d. Carrot, n, gajar, zardak. Abstract, n, ikbiisar, kbulasa; idea kbiirij. Deportment, s, chalan, tariqjTaftar.


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Deaf, a, bahrd, kur, sum. At, once, ekbargi, yak-lakht. Inn, 8, sarae, manzil-gah, musafir-khana.

He marched ” from the west to the east for chastising those kings who had ” not submitted. Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that’s often difficult to discover. Muscle, s, patha, pai ; sipi-ka kipa.

Assimilation, n, muwafiqat, musha- biliat. Ounce, 8, idhi-chhatink, do-tola. Charge, v, sipuid k. Even if it had at least given the Sanskrit rendering in the order of the components of ordinary Sanskrit sentences, instead of merely running in the order of the necessarily complex arrangement of the original verse, it might have been more serviceable to popularise the poem.

Accuse, V, tuhmat lagana, mulzim k. Bednndance, s, bahntat, ziyadat, fuzuliy Bednndant, a.

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Management, s, sarbardhi, kargnzari. Encroach, v, dast-darazi k. Briefly, ad, al-garaz, hasil-i-kalam, fii-jumla. Marks, epsode and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file – a reminder of this book’s long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. The third group at once arrests attention at No.

Charge, s, hawala, cgirya ; hnkm, far- man ; tnhammat, ilzam ; kharch ; hamla, hnjum ; bhajra. Hiss, s, phnnkar, hisht, safir ; talf-mar.


Crape, s, kapar-dhul kala. The head of the Buffalo-Demon, whitened by the effulgence of the toes of thy feet, looks as if surmounted by a block of snow given by the Himalaya, thy father, to help thee. Righteous, a, nek, rast, salih sadiq, ra- RighteousnesB, s, neki, rasti, sidq, sala- hiyat.

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Buck, n, sabun so mil a hua paui jismen kapre bhigoye ya dhoye jate hain. Surv, of India, Vol. The birds left their perching phices on the trees, as if to hear the poet sing the deeds of the king.

In that same forehead, covered over with worms issuing from the joint, cruel sne seems to have drawn a line of ripple as if in place of a smile. Fulsome, a, na-pasand, resh-kband. Arminia ke mazhab ka pairau.

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Clash, V, jhanjhanana, zidd k. Arch, s, nuhrab ; taq ; daire-ke hissa. Age, auwal, pahld, muqaddam.