Both he and Kubrick collaborated with each other over both of their works, ultimately each project did end up differing slightly. Herself – Guest Performer. Iranian Languages and Turkic languages. Die Entwicklung von Demonstrativpronomen zu Artikeln im Soghdischen. Robert Lesser as Dr. The Myth of Sogdian Lambdacism more. The thing just looked like an angled block of Lego in space with a huge rotating mid-section which apparently provided artificial gravity.

Who are these intergalactic super beings? Movie Info In the long-awaited sequel to ” Some of what we saw in ” was more like visualising business class travel for executives, regular living quarters in orbit for businessmen, almost like an advertisement by a space based property company. Feb 9, Full Review…. Young women are learning from more experienced women how to be the perfect wives and how to be patient and respectful of older people. Savely Kramarov as Vladimir Rudenko. Sogdian Archaeology and Sogdian. These people are the best of the best for America and the Soviet Union, but the general vibe from some of the crew does tend to feel a bit like ‘just another paycheck’.

Sogdian culture in its various aspects archaeological and textual sources ; Chorasmian language; Iranian antroponymy and toponymy; history, archaeology and arts of pre-Islamic Middle Asia. Others crew members such as Curnow and Dr.

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Sogdiana has executed all arrangements which have been stipulated by the contract and after that has solved, that it will be engaged in the career independently. Sogdian and Mural painting. A Space Odyssey,” Roy Scheider is sent back into space on a joint mission with the Soviets to try to find out what happened on the original mission.

This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat Upthis week. So yes, everyone knows this film is nowhere near the levels of greatness that Kurbick and co achieved back in A film about the Panjakent expedition by Marianna Bakonina on Tv more. Aug 30, Rating: Well I say grunts but in this movie the team on-board the ship are actually highly qualified astronauts and scientists, but the way they all interact with other whilst sitting around communal mess rooms or ship consoles does give off that iflm vibe.


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I remember as a kid watching the swirling, cloudy planet of Jupiter and the monolith black hole, in complete awe. Iranian Studies and Iranian Languages. That classic type of early 80’s lineup that to me just feels like a Spielberg production, it just has that vibe, maybe its just me, or maybe its because of Balaban. A much slicker, studio-friendly job than the first one was, with its much more famous cast, and its easier aesthetic.

Panjakent, burned carved wood, fire ofBuddhism in Sogdiana, Buddhist veneration scenes, lunette. Its not all bad but there are many shots with a ship composited over other images of Sovdiana or the other ship and it just looks bad, really obvious with stark black lines around everything. By the end of the film, Russian almost disappears from the screen and all characters communicate only in Uzbek.

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These inscriptions are incised on silver vessels which were mostly found in the Kama region Jan Triska as Alexander Kovalev. Thusly models for Discovery One weren’t quite as good as the original, but due to the fact the films lighting is so poor you can’t really tell. The world is on the brink of destruction between the United States and the Soviet Union you have to remember this is20110 there is one moment of cooperation between the two countries when there is interest to investigate the monolith and the Discovery by the Soviets.

A Space Odyssey’ was developed at the same time as Clarke was writing his novel which was based upon one of his own short stories, ‘The Sentinel’. Helen Mirren as Tanya Kirbuk. Selected Sogdian Words and Realia behind Them 4.


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What are the monoliths? On March, 20th Sogdiana becomes the laureate of the premium Pilar.

The longer article entitled “V. Time Out Top Critic. It is the first clip of Sogdiana which falls outside the limits of Uzbekistan. Aaron Livschits nonagenario donum natalicium.

State Hermitage Publishers It can’t hope to compete with Kubrick, but if you can distance Peter Hyams’s picture from its formidable forerunner, you’ll find a thoughtful and sometimes unforgettable science-fiction fable. On Sogdaina, 14th – an output of an album “Heart-magnet” into which 11 songs and 3 remixes have entered.

She was previously married to Ram Govindon. Vladimir Aronovich Livshits available at http: Sardor also does not follow the rules of his own culture either: Expedition Silk Road, Journey to the West.

Materials of the Panjakent Archaeological Expedition. Comment on this tilm via the LJ Forum. With ” established as a movie of grandiose proportions, Clarke began working on the sequel to his novel but making it a direct sequel to Kubrick’s movie instead of his own novel, which was slightly different. Consequently, it is assumed that the Chorasmian silver vessels were labeled and probably produced during Shaushfarn’s reign about the mid-8th century AD. Iz istorii Pendzhikentskoj ehkspedicii.

So despite the first movies sogciana deep, thoughtful and thoroughly scientific plot, this sequel is actually a lot more straight forward. Report on excavations of Views Read Edit View history.

Although the effects were handled by Douglas Trumbull’s sogeiana EEG, the man himself was not involved with the film which is a good reason why they simply aren’t that good.