I thought that said, “He’s a bald guy. Suplex and kneedrop get two. Rollins match left something to be desired. Melina nailed a kick to the back of Maria. Miz runs away to regroup. Sting saw HHH doing bad guy stuff, so he stopped him. WWE may come up with a terrible explanation for why Sting showed up, but why would they need to explain it 2 minutes after he made his debut? Way to include an ECW guy on the heel side while not even trying to do that on the face side.

Orton crawled over to the ropes and put his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. This was a complete bore and it destroyed Truth as a main event guy forever, literally failing at everything they were trying to accomplish with it. WWE Cyber Sunday Cena always seems to have good matches with big, power guys like Ryback. Hardy Boyz Update The plan is for the Hardy Boyz to use the Broken gimmick with the idea that it will be a major merchandise mover. Shawn elbows out of a hammerlock to start, but Jericho rolls through a cross body for two. JoMo quickly makes the ropes and gets a rollup for two, but Sheamus goes right back to the knee again.

Wyatt was a good brawl–a bit better than the opening tag match. I didn’t think either were very good at all.

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Hunter with a facebuster followed by a clothesline. Goldberg then deals with Jericho, spearing him through the mini-chamber, albeit not very cleanly. Michaels came back with a Sharpshooter. Back in, that gets two. Michaels teased a Superkick, Orton ducked his head and Michaels did an inside cradle for two with a big pop from the crowd for the nearfall. Jericho with a suplex for two and goes to a chinlock, but Rey fights up.


WWE – Survivor Series 2007 – DVD Review

Jericho is recovering against the pod, so Umaga hits him with the running butt splash and breaks the plexiglass. Over to Orton, who dropkicks Barrett for two.

Kaval Ziggler survives the initial flurry from Kaval and hits the Suvrivor necksnap for two, and a fireman’s carry for two. Where’s someone like Craig Pittman when you need him? They really did have something special with Hardy and I thought he and Punk made natural rivals. This was really bad.

He tries the powerbomb, but Jericho reverses to the Walls, forcing Batista to make the ropes. Show and Mysterio double-team Swagger, but McIntyre breaks it up and allows Swagger to hit a pump splash on Rey for two.

He seemed decent enough. Yes but that wasn’t my point. The heel side featured some pretty good talent although none of them were consistent main eventers, so there was a bit of a lack of star power on their side.

Shad whiplash slams JTG onto Miz for two. The Fuj November 19, at Michaels applied the Crossface submission.

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I guess just being a fan for 21 years and seeing how great wrestling shows can be made, it’s frustrating that Vince, HHH and the agents, who together have over years of wrestling experience and still give ppv’s loaded with dud’s and shit comedy matches. But five of the same match with simply a stipulation added is just overkill. Belly to belly suplex by Umaga on Hunter followed by a headbutt to the chest. Apparently it upsets him. No, it’s my fault, I meant Evolution, not Legacy.


Though long-term planning is a good thing, you need to be flexible within it.

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Harper and Rowan renew their rivalry, and Harper finishes him with the lariat at Good thing they haven’t run an elimination tag match on the past few shows, because otherwise this might seem boring.

Epico and Kidd trade wristlocks and do a cool little sequence before Epico bails. Umaga is the last man left for his team. Back suplex by Miz on Punk gets two.

I know that Brie was the one that was on the outside, but I felt like that kiss should have been for Paige. Mar Solo November 18, at