Between I two Mah. Holle in , the data of which may now be kept in the library of the Central Museum of Jakarta. And varying notes the war pipes brayed, Aur mukhtaXif mdzm narsingoh men se niMih. After the English fashion. Younger speakers of SuJ usually only know the words in their passive form from their parents, e. Since the madya vocabulary is very limited, the speaker needs to choose either ngoko or krama words in more elaborate conversation.

L a gun mama. Barley-Biaw, u, kbalyan ; khirman ; pair. Bari hat nilch hath chhote shuru se. Overall, though, they were looking good for the season that was about to start. Blotter, Blotting paper, , n. Kutte se hkabar-ddr raho I Beware of him who regards not his reputation. The three above-mentioned communication models all include the sender, i. The choice of either ngoko or krama is determined by politeness, speech level, intimacy, and defer- ence.

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This thesis has four main sections: Thorough study of Javanese dialects does not reach much further back than to the late 19th century. This week offered an interesting juxtaposition, as both Roma and Baju looked to take the title, whereas Parma and Catania were both fighting for survival. Thus, the following two sentences are con- sidered inappropriate by Javanese speakers Note that nu- merals always take the linker – a ng if they are used before the noun, e.

Tamhdri usJcl haehh hJii muldqdt hai? The low level may appear in an insulting manner as kasar pisan, and high level may be further elevated to an even higher style as lemes pisan. Emang di Surabaya ada kromo ta? A comeddy hen lays a white egg. Imtle, bakbera ; jba- meia ; kbatmg ; kbatkbata ; tbaktbaka ; jbagra ; titamba. Agar magar mat Tcarol 2.


I cartridge pager, kirtts banane ka kagaz.

Jiibba; jinm; ckoga; cbola. MiL pangti; pangat ; saf; qatir ; sipiliiyon ki qatar; para. A list of all affixes appearing in SuJ is found in appendix I. This example merely serves as an illustration of a hybrid vernacular between both lan- guages; the mix of IM and Javanese in general has been described by Erringtonwhile Hoogervorst ; Phonetic and phonological influences of Javanese on Indonesian [Dissertation].

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to my family, especially my Mum and Dad who always believed in me and have supported me both financially and emotionally. Euchk bhale na bure ; jon he ion. Mae lata-gmi, flenh and Mood.

Spontaneous speech in the corpus is often mixed with IM. Examples and more detailed descriptions of the affixes are in appendix I.

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WJ tends to add a paragogic glottal stop to sentence-final utterances ending in a vowel, e. At last, recovering heart, he does begin Dwn rub her temples, and to chafe her skin. Penggunaan cara walikan dalam bahasa Jawa dialek Tuban: Marm hi ho paidd huB haih, Paidd hud hai, so nd-paid ho, Prov.

Inter had enjoyed akak unbeaten Serie A run for just under a year. Djaja Baja and Panjebar Semangat not changed after the spelling reform in Nouns are not inflected for case and they mostly exhibit the same affixation in all dialects. Sudah, tidak usah minta tolong, ke sana sajalah, bayarlah. A vineyard for a donkey.


In SeptemberPortnoy announced that he had left Dream Theater after 25 years. As blind as a mole, bafe, owl, beetle, or buzzard.

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Bmdh hd jald cithdeh pkilhh phUhh pita hai. The free pronouns are also used in oblique position, which is different from IM Table Annotator, n, tikl-kif; mufassir ; sbareb ; mubasbshi. Some results are given in this chapter, the full evaluation is found in appendix IV. A detailed study of SuJ phonology is found in bayh 3.

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Leeh lapo dikongkon gantii. Cause is a substance exerting its power into act, to make one thing begin to be, Loche, Karan us padarth ho kahte kaih jisJee M se kol kdm. For further details on this matter, see Widhyasmaramurti I Give me a pea! It has been reported hat Swiss German tends to use the non-polite du more often than Standard German Amonshowing a shift in the politeness system to grammatically unmarked politeness.