Retrieved from ” https: She orders the death of Bayan Hudu and those who are not loyal to the Emperor. Bae Yong-joon and Lee Ji-ah. Historians were worried that the audience would overlook the fact that the real-life Empress Ki was responsible for attacking her native land. Ep 1 HQ thanks to I think cashewmania’s clubbox: Make it possible for the disciples of Guhmul village to run to anyway at anytime. Dia juga baru saja kembali dari pengasingannya di Tiongkok dan membuat rencana untuk menggulingkan raja yang sekarang berkuasa.

Hyeon Go One of the young disciples: Heo Yi Nok, baru saja kembali ke Korea dari Tiongkok bersama dengan kakeknya. Latest hot New threads Last replied. Meanwhile, Wang-Yoo and Ta-hwan are devastated by the death of Nyang, with Ta-hwan losing his ability to talk and Wang-Yoo marrying in order to strengthen his ties with El Temur and Yuan. However her identity is soon discovered by Emperor Ta-hwan, who begins to yearn and obsess over Seungyang, who is now known as Nyang. Her reputation attracts the likes of Wang-Yoo, the deposed prince of Goryeo, who slowly begins to yearn for Seungyang’s love, not knowing that she is a woman. Dia juga baru saja kembali dari pengasingannya di Tiongkok dan membuat rencana untuk menggulingkan raja yang sekarang berkuasa.

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Sinopsis Hwajung Episode 1 – 50

Screenplays by Park Kyung-soo. Despite its popularity, the series was criticized for its inclusion of fictional elements regarding the characters and storyline. Sinopsis Iljimae [The Phantom Thief] 1 photo. It is soon revealed to Ta-hwan that Maha was Nyang and Wang-Yoo’s child by Dangkise, who is killed in his plan to exact revenge on Nyang. Archived from the original on December 26, She then escapes from her own tribe in search of Hwan-woong, deciding to become Hwan-woong’s woman.

He soon befriends El Temur in order to get close to his secrets and gain his trust, and is soon given the rights to take Nyang out of the palace after an incident where she is tortured in prison. Sinopsis The Princess’ Man 9 photos. Nyang befriends other Goryeo-born people in the palace, such as Dok-man, Shim, and Lady Episofe, while also attracting danger due to the likes of Dangkise, who lusts after her.


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Sinopsis Hwajung Episode 1 – 50

Loosely based on the legend of Dangun and Gwanggaeto the Great of Goguryeothe story also adds mythical elements of the Four Symbols depicted in fantasy form as the four guardians who serve the king of Jyushin. Old bald man OBM: Retrieved November 26, When her tribe declared in a war council they would Hwan-woong take back the power of fire, Kajin then slew her tribe’s elders with her own blade. The early working title was Hwatu Hangul: Post time Suzeeny akan tad kuasa Phoenix dari Kiha nanti Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Sections of this page. Many centuries later, Damdeok, the reincarnation of Hwan-woong, was born.

Nyang is soon spotted by Tal Tal and Bayan, who buy her. Yeon’s wife trudges through the ticket while holding her pregnant stomach with her right hand and in obvious pain.

However, Hwan-woong likes Sae-oh and declared his love for her, not knowing that Kajin was watching them secretly when this took place. Latest hot New threads Last replied.

The Legend (TV series) – Wikipedia

Dia juga baru saja kembali dari pengasingannya di Tiongkok dan membuat rencana untuk menggulingkan raja yang sekarang berkuasa. Hanya salah satu pihak saja yang dapat menang. In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. Retrieved from ” https: Archived from the original on September 17, Retrieved 6 May Castle Guknae, Yeon Ga Reh’s home.

Ta-hwan returns to Yuan as the new emperor, while Seungnyang’s identity as a woman is discovered by Dangkise and Wang-Yoo after he is deposed once againcausing her to be taken to Yuan as either a water maid in the palace or Dangkise’s concubine.

Grand Prize Daesang [14]. After enduring a journey with Ehin to escape his pursuers, Seungyang finds her long-lost father, who is tortured and locked in prison to die after Ta-hwan lied about her father under the pressure of El Temur, without any knowledge that he was Seungyang’s father. Kajin was infuriated by this and began reforming the Tiger Tribe and attacked the Bear Tribe. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, Kajin was mortally wounded while attacking another tribe, and she seemed to die until Hwan-woong healed her.


Nyang and Tal Tal decide to kill Bayan, who has grown corrupt and blinded by sinoopsis own power. Lee Chang Hwe telah diberitahu sejak masih kecil kalau dirinya adalah pewaris tahta yang sah yang telah direbut oleh kakak lain ibunya. Sorry it’s so short t’s all I have time for now. Promise me that you will build that state again, and you will be the king of that new Jooshin, and Nyang mourns the loss of Wang-Yoo, and becomes the Empress of Yuan. After consulting with Bayan and Tal Tal, Nyang is chosen as the concubine representing their province, and soon surprises everyone in the Yuan palace, including Ta-hwan, who begins to show his favor for Nyang.

Empress Ki at Victory Contents.

Sinopsis The Legend (Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi) Episode 1 – 24 Lengkap

South Korean historical television series Historical romance South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation television dramas Television series set in Goryeo s South Korean television series Screenplays by Jang Young-chul Television series set in the 14th century.

The labor has started.

Korea Star Daily via Yahoo! I think it will be a son.

Nyang gives birth to Star, but soon loses him after they are thrown off of a cliff; fortunately for Nyang, she is saved by Jokho, an ally, but presumes her child to be dead.

Hyeon Wu a disciple: Ketiganya saling terkait dan terjalin menjadi satu dalam kisah cinta segitiga, kebencian, kesetiaan, dan pengkhianatan. Wang-Yoo soon realizes that Maha was his son, and is devastated by the loss of Maha.