B -In this episode, he DOES show that he cares and is protective, however, he still wants to be perceived as a meanie and maintain that tough exterior. Queen In Hyun’s Man Final. I’m starting to feel that he actually cares a little bit more about his team than the success of his drama, where-as before, I felt like he might of cared for them but not at the expense of his success. Hyun-min starts the conference, while Maknae Goo frets about doing the right thing. Too bad I have no video editing skills whatsoever. Season 2 Some of the questions to be answered in the upcoming season:

Come on baby speak it up!! Those scenes are well played during the drama and so it doesn’t feel like there is a dichotomy within the drama. English, Spanish – Spain, Japanese Listed languages may not be available for all games in the package. Femme December 6, at They are smart, caring, crazy, good looking and endearing. Oh, that’s so funny. Once he found out it was a prank, he didn’t like it, because he has this image he is trying to preserve and present: Best hospital wake-up scene ever, or greatest hospital wake-up scene ever?

Ep 24 and Chinese drama other promotional materials are held by their respective owners and their use Idol Work Diary Good Job Season 2. And although some might not like his fur jackets, i’d say it ainopsis adds to his character. For some reason I view the fur collars as distinct from the suits. Oh My Emperor Season 2 Title: Loading Idol School Trip. When Go Eun got hit, dramaatized the thought that entered my mind. The amnesia bit had me dying from laughter.

Once he found out it was a prank, he didn’t like it, because he has sniopsis image he is trying to preserve and present: But what cracked me up most was the mischievous smile shown in the first picture of this post. CEO Oh calls to threaten him for the umpteenth time.


King of Dramas: Episode 7 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Dramatiaed episode opened my eyes more about the power of spin in the media and about how the public can be manipulated to think a certain way or believe certain things.

Lizzy4e November 28, at However, you do have a point, and a good one.

Like some here, I also really love how GE has been written so far. This is one of the most watched Chinese modern dramas ever, with 24 Image result for My Amazing Boyfriend chinese drama gif 19 K-pop idols who will have to enlist in the military in Based on the mouth-watering anime, Wakakozake brings you Murasaki Wakako, a year-old OL that loves nothing more than delicious Season 1 only, though.

KoD definitely deserves more hearts. I am not sure about the romance, at this stage. Comparatively, Oohlala Spouses pulled in a meager 6. Idol Producer simplified Chinese: Maybe it takes them away from the fantasy of it all. Another one of my favourite things about this drama is how seemingly throwaway lines come back to make an impact or give us a laugh.

I was on the verge of falling off my seat with my heart racing so fast and fingers clenched until nail imprints were formed on my palms. Also, when Yoochun his character found her in the freezer truck and brought her home, the “boys” followed him ghe her, to make sure she was OK.

Bride of Water God. I wrote two pieces on these issues, hearte found at Hancinemaso I won’t make a huge spam-like post here, but yes.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea

His guilt, his wanting her to recover from the accident and his conscience because we know he has one are definitely continuing to show.

Fighting, all of you!!! What Anthony does for her demonstrates how he feels about her no matter what he says. I was dramaatized your theory about him distancing himself from his childhood. The scene where Kang Hyun Min fibs to Go Eun about his mum is similarly well-shot, with Anthony’s satisfied smirk that turns to a neutral “I smiled?


It has heart and I love it for it.

LOL something about it that just makes you either laugh hysterically or totally fist pump. Love Season 1 and Season 2. I will have to rewatch that scene in the context of what you shared here. Next is how enraged he is, when he finds out that CEO Oh is behind the whole accident and scandal. B -In this episode, he DOES show that he cares and is protective, however, he still wants to be perceived as a meanie and maintain that tough exterior.

I dearly hope that those involved with this project know how we, the overseas viewers, feel about this drama.

My idol chinese drama season 2

Or maybe I just liked historical dramas: It’s different from other Korean dramas. Lizzy4e November 29, at 6: He is more than capable of taking responsibility for the lives of countless passengers but outside of work, he is tameless and free-spirited an Till Death Tear Us Apart.

Watch the charming Lovelyz members as they try their hands at becoming fashion designers! Hyun-min completes the press conference, even shedding tears at the end. I loved that scene as well and died laughing. It didn’t totally make sense to me. She looks him straight in the eyes. Pinkeu November 29, at 8: I hated history in High school. Little touches like that are another reason why I appreciate this drama.

Dia berteman baik dengan Wang Ikng Hong Jong Hyun yang merupakan anak dari keluarga kerajaan sekaligus pengawalnya.