Yoon Yong Hyun Supporting Cast. Yu, who has a strong provincial accent, is becoming desperate after so many years out of work. But just as gently as he grabbed her wrist, Hang-woo lets her go. I thought they were joking around like an ad lib because they looked each other right in the eye and Jin almost started laughing. The competition is a public forum, so in the view of cameras and many eyes Hang-woo and Bang place their products on separate tables for review. What if Woo Hee wasn’t as sweet as we thought? And for Gods sake! Then later, he reneged on his promise to employ Shin even though he knew Shin’s daughter needed a life-saving operation.

It seemed slightly out of character and a bit extreme, especially considering how she once had tears in her eyes when listening to Gramps and YC. This is the first time a drama has ever had me so emotionally involved. Rooftop Prince ep 18 Eng Subtitle available. By Lmangla Started December 15, Fashion King Episode 19 eng Subtitle Available. Lee Beom Soo Main Cast. Media on the net tv KDrama recap.

She withholds the jar from him while she simultaneously yells, laughs, and cries all at once. To make the scene seem more realistic, the producers installed real gas bombs inside the bunker, supervised by two fire trucks and an ambulance from outside.

But isn’t leaving someone to die and not even caring about it sort of a relationship deal-breaker? Im Hyun Shik Supporting Cast.

Despite all this, I don’t hate HW– I just feel confused about my own feelings toward him as well as about in what light Show expects me to see him.

I just imagine how fun and enjoyable these actors working together despite of their professionalism, I bet they’re joking around and laughing since there are a lot of silly and comical scenes Brenda February 15, at Hong Soo Hyun Main Cast.


That’s how real and raw it felt. Yeo-chi has been sitting in on the proceedings with bated breath, probably because her marriage depends on the victor.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Shin reports to Bang that Hang-woo has gone on a full-scale bribery mission, and we see both him and Bum-jeung win each judge over with expensive gifts. What am I, then?!

Eating the magic chicken probably has some side effects, too. Lee said he first read the original story when he was in elementary school and was impressed by the charismatic Liu. I would love to see them. The more she acts this way to him, the more desire he has to trample Bang.

Chairman Jin deflates her a bit by saying that Bang winning is an impossibility… but if he makes the impossible possible, slaaryman Chairman Jin has no right to refuse him.

SINOPSIS Drama Korea Salaryman Cho Hanji Lengkap Episode 1- 22 Terakhir

Not when he and Yeo Chi are finally on good terms, not when Yeo Chi is finally making something of herself; not when they both love and need each other so much!!! I just came back to show you guys this: And this is where the episode got me the most so far He had been practicing for this scene, and not long after, he managed to pull off the action sequence just like a real martial artist.

We never made it 1. Park Sang Myun Supporting Cast.

She tries to pass it off as a misunderstanding, which really sets him off. Please click the salaeyman in that email to complete the email change process. Carrie February 15, at Meanwhile, tensions are escalating at Chun Ha.

I was dancing for joy. Sorry this is off topic but I didn’t know how else to contact you. And it wasn’t just the fire scene that bothered me. He begins to fake a heart attack at her words and she asks whether he needs an ambulance. Bang, when he earned the love and respect of his factory workers awwwww and when he defeated HW at the end.


History of the Salaryman: Episode 14 ¬Ľ Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

And he replies by saying that it’s she who needs an ambulance. Yeah, I felt real uneasy and uncomfortable watching that last scene between Lee Deok-hwa and Kim Seo-hyung. My character Yu rejects the hierarchy and confronts his boss. This entire episode was eisode of win, but there was something so shocking about the final scene with Gabi and Chairman Jin.

Jun Jae Hyung Supporting Cast. Amazing episode, everything was well done. So glad I didn’t drop this show!

Never one to beat around the bush, Bang cuts straight to the chase: He tells her that of all people she should root for him, being his chief secretary. Lee Bum Soo is spot on as always though.

December 25, ‘History of Salaryman,’ comic tribute to breadwinners By Noh Hyun-gi leann koreatimes. Choi is an arrogant Stanford graduate who climbs the corporate ladder with monstrous speed.

Wow, just wow, this episode is really superb, keeps you on your toes! I’ve been reading them but haven’t been commenting about how much I’ve been enjoying them. Hope my explanation does makes senses for you.