Jung Soo Young Supporting Cast. I like the characters but not as much as Park Shi Woo just yet. Retrieved November 19, His good looks make him popular with the girls! Yang Jin Woo Supporting Cast. Sekilas sinopsis Queen of Reversals bercerita tentang Hwang Tae Hee yang merupakan anak pengusaha kaya dan merupakan pemimpin tim di tempat kerjanya. So frustrating with all the obstacles and meddling from the second male lead’s dad and the bad guys, and also the pushing from the ex-hubby and his mom.

Kyu February 6, at 8: After three near misses and that HOT sorta hug from behind at the grocery store, I didn’t think it was going to happen anytime soon. The story might not have been new but it was well told I’m SO glad it’s not second-lead syndrome! Sort of makes you want to know how QOH could have been if they did the same. So frustrating with all the obstacles and meddling from the second male lead’s dad and the bad guys, and also the pushing from the ex-hubby and his mom.

This is also the first time that I’m rooting for the second lead ever since I’ve started watching K-dramas. Pages Home About Contact Privacy. I had to fast forward to the end to see the kiss right away!

His good looks make him popular with the girls! The story might not have been new but it was well told Although – i wouldn’t mind if he were my daddy!

It was about a woman losing her husband to an affair, then after divorcing, falling in love with the other woman’s husband, and I recall it being well done.

The same goes for Yoon Kye Sang, in epiisode opinion. However, her longtime nemesis Baek Yeo-jin who went to the same high school and college as her and even got hired at the company where she works, is a constant nuisance who pokes her nose into her business!


I have loved watching quen show. But their marriage is her first major left turn that takes her off the fast-track. Hopefully no one has forgotten Secretary Kim?

Queen of Reversals sounds a lot more adorable than I was expecting. Another Park Shi-hoo character to fall in love with!!! Episode 12 by LollyPip. Things aren’t easy for Tae-hee as she juggles taking care of a daughter at home and leading a team at the same company as her husband and Yeo-jin.

Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 5. Kim Yong Gun Supporting Cast. I watch this drama as a filler. In the end what Tae-hee confesses to Jun-su: Cast – Queen of Reversals. Despite the hubby showed sincerity afterwards, but something is not working in their relationship. Korean-language television programs South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation television dramas s South Korean television series South Korean romantic comedy television series Screenplays by Park Ji-eun.

Does this drama focuse on him and her? One thing I also loved were the akpul bits between Gu Yong Shik and his dad. Kim Chang Wan Supporting Cast. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. I think you should give it a try! I loved this drama, and was so thrilled when PSH got the girl.

SINOPSIS Queen of Reversals Episode 1- 31 Terakhir

Such a long time for me seeing again “classical” kdrama that’s very qusen to reality. I was keeping my fingers that you would but didn’t think you will and you did!!!! I’m a little dissappointed but I’ll finish watching it. Love PSH, he’s too charming! Well, he almost always has bags under his eyes. Thanks Girlfriday for the recap.


I find myself shouting a lot watching, and qjeen. If yes, then I’m all for it. Guess I just have to watch the show again. It sound like this is going to have to go on my Dramas To Be Watched list.

We got a lot of both. Kim Yong Hee Supporting Cast.

The fact that he is so appealing in a not exactly physical way makes him attractive. Video Queen of Reversals Trailer. And you know she will. I’m SO glad it’s not second-lead syndrome!

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I don’t have that Jo-won syndrome after all. Overall the drama was well-made and beautiful to look at, but it followed a very classic formula despite the reversalslike the kid who colors reversls within the lines. When they showed his hands in episode 10, I cringed a little. He won the girl in How to Meet the Perfect Neighbor. I love this drama, well most likely because of PHS, but can he drop his hair style here?

Chae Jung An Main Cast.

She even applied for a job at the company where Tae-hee was working to make her life miserable. I don’t wanna start watching now and I end up wasting my hours on a show that didn’t let PSH win the girl.

Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 1.