Gosh I loved the brotherly love in this drama. She pulls apart from him and quickly rushes him to her bed. He just needed to finally let her go, and her immediate and instinctive rejection of his attempted kiss was the final confirmation so that he can walk away. Suk Won enters the main hall and voices her accusation- Hee Bin put a curse on In Hyun and she has proof. That whole scene killed me. I do wish it approached disability in the same way, but oh well. Your email address will not be published. Thus, Jung Ki-joon and So-yi are left to run while Pyung carries on alone against a small army.

Both parties were so into this: Thanks for the wonderful recaps Dramallama, this has been one of my favourite dramas ever and I could happily watch 50 episodes of this and not get bored, just give us another 26 episodes of Hwa Shin and Nari bickering, getting jeaous, singing, dancing, crying, kissing, I’d be a happy girl. Yong Yong goes to see the orphanage director. He tells the man that he will never let Ok Jung die, he would even give up the throne to save her. She’s free but reserved, adorable and quiet but also hot and vibrant. The problem with history is it is often written by the victors.

I expect you to leave a very long comment later after your rewatch, you got that? The chemistry between the OTPs were incredible.

I personally grew to love her as I watched her try and deal with all the crazy situations she came sinnopsis, both in work and in love. Your article has truly peaked my interest.

Sunny Happiness Episodes 23-25 Recap (The End)

Towards the end, however, the cliche became too typical and I got disappointed for each curveball that came along. Then one of their own is killed by a Red assassin, making their paranoia worse. There are dramas and there are dramas that say the same things and so arrive nowhere, never connecting with our hearts.

He even plans on becoming king once he episodr Wang So. The last few episodes were so chock full of amazing moments, great parallels to an earlier scene, and satisfying resolution on ALL issues. He looks at her, and she smiles and nods at his decision. It is light but consistent, heart-warming but not cheesy, subtley romantic, and the ending is perfect.


Very true, but sniopsis, I just expected more. YY went there first to set it up and get things in order. V December 23, at 1: This drama fills me with joy and contentment, the best feeling a great rom-com can do.

I also found Sung-Sook adorable when she was jealous that Ja-Young got stolen from her, not because she stole chef.

Final Call: “Shine or Go Crazy” Episodes 23-24

Yong Yong wants Wan Lan to return to the person she once was, a happy, confident, and kind person. Now I’ve seen everything.

Continue translating missing YZG chaptersplease. Yong Yong promises to leave, and hopes that her leaving will help Wan Lan regain her self again. While it’s true HS want to break up with NR partly because of his pride. Somone else oj translated the missing chapters. She tells all of this to Wan Lan, how everything that happened between her and Yun Jie will be her memories for life. Mike He was truly great in this and I love that each of the characters apart from Wan Lan had their heads on right and 23-244 mature about their relationships.

I love how he got drunk and got up the courage to try one final time to see if it could ever be possible between them. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. He looks touched by her words.

He thanks her, and she tells him that there is nothing to thank. To enjoy an early morning stroll in the jungle? The meanings do not come from words, they come from the lives we see sinopsls lived. An interesting look at how political and geographic ties bind those who otherwise desire a life of autonomy.

How will they get this show ten more seasons? Yong Yong turns off the water, and Wan Lan apologizes for what she said. I love how Na-ri turned his “Sleep with me” on Hwa-shin! Plus, she asks, what has she done wrong?


Uncle Prince D interrupts and asks that he be allowed to set the poison down. I have not touched this drama since it finished airing… But something over the last week told me to rematch it again.

She knows that danger is inevitable, but Sejong eposode once more. Outside the house, Yun Chao parks his car and calls Yong Yong to come outside.

Ok Jung drops the bowl, collapsing and coughing as the poison courses through her. Not that anyone needed confirmation that she loves Yun Jie but thinks of Yun Chao as a friend, but even in the subconscious gestures it illuminates how she feels.

I love SH for all of the same reasons you mentioned, unni, but the two biggies for me are the awesome family relationships and the honestly and lack of contrived drama. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I prefer to love their role instead. He reminds her jumg a good pastry chef needs jqng keep correct time.

It is full of rhetoric but the rhetoric is invisible. While many things in this drama were fiction, I loved how they added his real life accomplishments. The acting from the cast was top notched.

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The view out of the apartment Yun Jie got Yong Yong in Mainland China was just beautiful with a little island out in the bay…. Gotta like how everything is coming together for the finale. As the man goes to sound the next alarm, Chae-yoon knocks him out cold. Filming that must have been hell. Lee Soon asks if there is news of the retainers demanding his dethronement but the captain has other news- Ok Jung has returned to the palace Lee Soon is shocked. So not only me. I am sooo addicted!