But love that Gun has had more hairstyle changes than MY.. And if we showed her moving towards some kind of growth or transformation, that would really be something. At the beginning of the episode Shin comments that even though each individual in Deimon is lacking, as a team they are already regarded as the strongest in Kanto, hinting the result of the game. It made sense that Anna countered that she hated herself more for letting him leave her. Such great acting by Jang Hyuk! Sena is able to relax now. The scene where she was in her towel, the way Gun was looking her up and down while biting his lips, the desire was etched on his face for a moment there.

The charm from the original is definitely here too, but feels refreshing at the same time. But the moment the Jangs were confirmed for a reunion here, my heart was all in. He’s slowly coming around. Meanwhile, double-orphan Gil Moo-won is drowning in guilt for killing his biological parents’ murderer in self-defense, as well as survivor’s guilt towards both sets of dead parents. Your email address will not be published. Yuan Ming — 9th, 9th Prince, Prince Ming.

I know, the names are getting me confused. Shimo mentioned earlier that many readers actually root for DF and SQM, rated Wallace has managed to turn the table with his interpretation and — of course — his good look. But still, I prefer Gun do the first move this time since, as far as I can remember, he never said his real feelings for MY. Qing Chen informs Yuan Zhan that she has finished packing her belongings.

The offensive players are: Aparna August 1, at 4: I think Jang Nara is doing a great job. But calling her noona in front of his mom is not going to be as convincing as jagiya! The this stronger MY has defenses that while allows her to stand up for her self, has also somewhat blinded her to the real Gun.


Ji-hong only gains the upper hand by attacking a passerby, forcing Do-jin to use his body as a shield. Do-jin is currently nearby. When he offers her two flavors, she ends up picking his favorite.

I’m teasing, but you make great analysis and great points, I just don’t know if I have anything particular to say about it right except for bravo and WoW. Nah, it’s Macau for sure.

The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

Cun Xi tells her that he had to help Anna. I too sinopais the romantic angst a bit much, but Do-jin tapping out of the kiss was actually pretty perfect. The battle of the heart and mind. Anna and Cun Xi walk outside the auditorium.

But what’s bright in his life is the new family he’s making with MY. It’s against the law for a doctor to tell expecting parents the sex of their baby.

Sicarius the Queen of Salt July 11, at 1: Still scared for his lyfe though Then Dylan asked Anna if she hated him for leaving her because he hated himself. I’m Team Fluff all the way but what is with this drama hahaha.

No the main guy in the Taiwanese drama never had amnesia, while attempting to make the moves on epispde ex-wife leading lady she found out what he was up to and had him go in a barrel then she rolled the barrel down a hill.

Last recap was really fun, thanks to everyone who chimed in. Needless to say, he is not happy. I did not know you wanted to see me so badly.

Since MY came back, the cave is gloomy. And at the elevator when he bowed and again when she saw him and he saw her seeing him seeing the lollypainting The lyrics essentially are about a man dinopsis loses his sweetheart when she disappears ‘in bubbles’.

SINOPSIS Fated To Love You Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

I’m glad you made the comparison for me. And daniel has a big heart to let MY go.


As I said earlier, just looking at the show’s teaser – he is so wasted on this rom-com. Hiruma mentions that Deimon does not allow extracurricular activities after the second year so it is his and Kurita’s last chance for the Christmas Bowl. I love it so sooo much. Just wondering if that could be of any significance in terms of progression in his disease.

Kakei finds a way to exploit the weakness of the wishbone formation. When the names of those who passed are read out, Suzuna’s brother’s name is skipped. Hiruma poses as Eyeshield 21 and taunts that the accident was not accidental. I remember Ethan Ruan doing that in the Taiwan version and I was confused that Gun didn’t do that in this version, but, the PDs were saving it for this such occasion!!

It’s just that I’ve had so much time until the next episode to contemplate on the show, let my thoughts marinate, and couldn’t help but think about that. THAT is why this show completely owns me. Xin Yi says she will be by his side until he recovers from blindness. Your vocabulary is extraordinaire!!! At the end, the Zokugaku Chameleons are seen carrying their motorcycles on their backs home as their punishment from their manager, Peisode Tsuyumine.

But Mi Young did call Gun, and got the “phone not in service” message. IMO, couples r better off when their elders don’t interfere in their marital crisis.

I love how the doctor calmly responds that while it is hard for a normal man to love a snail, desiring someone you like is totally natural and healthy. Since then, I’ve enjoyed watching this drama and continued to applaud the actors, the director and writers.