October 31, at JJ October 31, at 8: His normal style is so boyish.. Present Eun-soo goes through the portal again but doesn’t the portal open only once in 65 years?! Gongmin’s reign well into its 5th year – that’s when she met the slightly older CY and stayed. Gongmin’s regin started in Remember the purple journal? That he didn’t serve for anything else?

But alas, he just got a cursory Future-You-does-some-good-stuff nod to the audience, which left me wishing for more. Well, I have to agree with you regarding the look-alike with KNG. In ep 1 the fortune teller told Eun Soo that she’ll be away for about a year so we can assume she’s been in Goryeo for 1 year? Nadine October 30, at 9: When he was escorted back to Goryeo from Yuan by Young. Did she disappear or morph into years back ES? Does time pass at different speeds in different historical periods?

Which probably means the dates were fudged just a little–this happened 5 years into Gongmin’s reign.

Some people say why she didn’t recall her trips, because they happened after she was kidnap so at the point she heals the queen that ES didn’t or couldn’t remember that and CY doftor was trembling so it wasn’t a nerve disease but a psycological hold up, he was tired of that sword so his mind and heart and sould didn’t wanted to fight. Thank you so much for articulating what was on my mind while I was watching them.

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That time in Seoul, when I was running only thinking of saving that person. Choi Young tidak menyukai orang yang menginginkan barang2 mahal dan ia menganggap kesederhanaan sebagai suatu kebaikan.

So are you going to follow her? But the portal is already closed. An intense, tearful gaze, with eyes full of love for one another and a tremulous smile says so much of the feelings involved than any hot kissing and if I were the director, I would add this – Eun Soo gently touching Choi Young grizzled face and Choi Young putting his hand over Eun Soo’s hand and gently putting pressure on it to feel its warmth, all the while intensely, tearfully gazing into each other’s eyes and smiling tremulously.


Suddenly, the portal reopens. Looking at each other without word saying so many things, like, ‘I found you’ ‘have you been well’ ‘sorry for keeping you waiting’ ‘I will not leave your side from now and will stay with you forever and ever’ they looked at each other with relief of finding each other again and so much love for each other.

Just as her persistence is romantic, I think his waiting for her at the tree is too. Thanks for all the recaps, GF and JB! Take care and see around in another drama! I suspect when the fortune-teller tells her in Ep.

So then, what happened to the ES we had been watching all along? So even though she’s now Past Eun-Soo, it’s technically her second time trip. Kinda miss their time together and the bickering.

I died laughing at this!! Oh, and i don’t think CY had to wait for 5 years. To see him worried sick about ES and her whereabouts and her welfare, yelling at his aunt, and later on asking tearfully to ES if she sinoopsis OK and healed, and if she would stay with him, went a long way to show how far he had come and how much he had changed.

Remember in her journal there were so many dates? But then what the heck, i want them to be together. A picture says a thousand words, and that last screenshot of the centuries-crossed lovers gazing at each other with so much love and longing says it all.

Jin-pyo was lmh’s dad in City hunter: Or maybe, it’s not meant to make sense. She made the transition from a somewhat episore character into a solid dramatic character credibly. The 1st daejang must have been feeling weary doing warrior work for a king who doesn’t even recognize his team’s efforts or give them support at all.


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If you think all of this huggy kissy stuff is gross, well Gongmin’s reign well into its 5th year – that’s when she met the slightly older CY and stayed. I think the sword got heavy because until he realized that he wanted to serve Gongmin as his king, everything he was as a warrior had no meaning. Im so sad its over, i wont see him for a while now You answer as I would just that the letter under the boulders I think she needed that on because remember I forgot his name the king’s uncle he burned the rest of the contents of the book so that letter was incomplete and she needed herserlf to find it.

Lot of could’ve beens execution and suchbut the bottomline is that the characters and the love story’s solid for me and that matters a lot. Leaving a dead projector I can understand, Leaving herself a letter with spare notepaper, sure, but her active notes while she’s still searching for the exact time jump she needs, not so much.

Deok-man hands his over, and Young orders everyone out.

The Eun-soo did not disappear nor morph into the pre-Gongmin ES. Here’s to whatever Drama-land decides to throw at us next.

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Fate, why are you choosy? Maksudnya yang terkenal dalam sejarah. She wasn’t all that hopeful when she saw the Goryeo soldiers and boy was she surprised when she saw Choi Young by the tree. Oh, but my image of Ki-chul shopping in modern Seoul is just left there in my imagination.

He knew and trusted yerakhir ES would be fine and she was, when she was away from him.