By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sinopsis Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 11 – Then, a rich girl named Baek Ja-eun comes to the Ojakgyo farm and changes the Hwang family’s lives. First Love Love in 3 Colors. Discouraged by the situation, Ja-eun finds her father’s contract. Terus juga kasih sayang ibu di drama ini dapet banget. Ini drama yang keren banget. Sinopsis Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 25 –

Di drama ini Joowon kerena abis. Ini drama yang keren banget. At first, Tae-shik is embarrassed to admit Guk-su as his son and tries to hide Guk-su from his family. Apalagi Hwang Tae Hee, anak ketiga di keluarga Hwang sekaligus cucu kesayangan nenek mulai menyukai Ja Eun, begitu pula sebaliknya. Terus juga kasih sayang ibu di drama ini dapet banget. Retrieved from ” https:

However, Chang-shik and Bok-ja really love him as a son that Tae-hee also regards them famoly their real sons as family. Ojakgyo hyeongjedeul ; lit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sometimes, Tae-hee feels left out from his brothers. This page was last edited on 27 Aprilat He is not Chang-shik’s real son but he is Chang-shik’s nephew. Karena drama ini, aku jadi suka sama Joowon, haha. Sinopsis Ojakgyo Brothers Episode ojakgy – Discouraged by the situation, Ja-eun finds her father’s contract.

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Hidup mereka awalnya selalu tenang sampai suatu hari datang Baek Ja Eun, seorang gadis yang mengaku sebagai anak dari pemilik asli ladang Ojakgyo. Views Read Edit View history.


Later, it was that revealed Tae-hee’s father, who is Chang-sik’s brother, was hit and run by Baek In-ho’s friend who framed him for 26 years ago. Terus juga kasih sayang ibu sinopsia drama ini dapet banget.

Ja-eun’s father is also accused of bribing the university to admit Ja-eun. At first, Tae-shik is embarrassed to admit Guk-su as his son and tries to hide Guk-su from his family.

Terus juga drama ini nggak cuma konyol, bikin ketawa, tapi juga ada saat-saat pengen nangis atau malah terharu. Drama ini menceritakan tentang Keluarga Hwang dengan empat anak laki-laki yang tinggal di pinggir Kota Seoul, tepatnya di ladang Ojakgyo. Now after 10 years, Ja-eun determines to regain her rightful land and sell it to get money. The third son, Hwang Tae-hee, is a quiet detective.

Ryu Soo-young and Choi Jung-yoon.

Walaupun awalnya keluarga Hwang tidak suka dengan Ja Eun, lama-lama mereka menyayanginya. See templates for discussion to help reach ojakggyo consensus. Everyone in the Hwang family is unhappy with the news that even Bok-ja stole Ja-eun’s contract and throws Ja-eun out of the house.

The second son, Hwang Tae-beom, is a reporter who marries his colleague, the rich Cha Su-yeong after getting her pregnant. The youngest, Hwang Tae-pil, lately works to Su-yeong’s aunt sionpsis her clothing store. Retrieved from ” https: Following his advice, Ja-eun buys a tent, lives outside the house, and helps on the farm.


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Posted by Dana R at 9: Tae-beom has loved another girl, Han Hye-ryeong, but as Hye-ryeong leaves him, Tae-beom marries Su-yeong. My Husband Got a Family.

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Tae-hee who defends the right thing thinks that his family should get out of the farm and returns the farm to Ja-eun. Sinopsis Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 21 – Actually, Baek In-ho, her father, owns the Ojakgyo farm but he lends the farm to his dama Chang-shik for 10 years. Di drama ini Joowon kerena abis.

His married life is often filled with trivial arguments and problems.

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Comedy Romance Family Drama. Namun lagi-lagi masalah timbul saat terkuak kenyataan bahwa ayah Ja Eun yang menabrak ayah kandung Tae Hee hingga meninggal.

kotea Sinopsis Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 33 – Sebuah ladang dengan peternakan bebek. In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.