Not knowing the truth, Cha Seung-jo finally tells Han Se-kyung who he really is. Seung-jo is willing to believe that good things can come out of nowhere, whereas Yoon-joo and Se-kyung are skeptical when good fortune like that befalls them. They go to pick costumes together. It was badly written and directed. One of the associates informs him that his painting was sold a few days ago to the man who originally donated it to the gallery. So I was also really satisfied with the ending unlike a lot of the copout endings I’ve seen in dramas lately. Well, at least Seung-jo was very unrealistic.

Han Se-kyung then asks Cha Seung-jo fiercely on whom he actually is. It’s interesting that I enjoy Moon Geun-young in the movies she makes but I haven’t been able to appreciate her in dramas. Back to the party, Tommy Hong sees Han Se-kyung’s phone that she accidentally leaves at the party and picks it up. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: I like the eyes half-closed theme in the end. Tommy picks Se-kyung up after her interview to go to lunch.

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I appreciate that the writer stick to a more unique character at least in drama-land till the end, and made it quite realistic still, I have to say I didn’t like that she used her “fiancee-status” for her workplace; I understand the writer’s point there, but I wished she would get a job herself; not a candy-style, but simply a human-style with experience that she gained. And they both wanted to be real and sincere.

Mystisith January 29, at 5: Seung-jo falls for the genuine, idealistic Se-kyung, but not knowing this, she gives up being the person she wanted to be, and decides to live like those she once despised. When Han Se-kyung tries to stand up, she almost trip just as Cha Seung-jo catches her in his arms. Mystisith January 30, at 6: Thank you for the recaps, that’s what made me keep following this drama.


Seo Yoon-joo, aware of the collaboration, asks his husband, Shin Min-hyuk, if she can be in charge of setting up the dinner between Jan Thierry Cha and him. I bet I would’ve liked it more if I hadn’t They go to pick costumes together.

As for Seung-jo and Se-kyung? That I always thought was kinda brain numbing and cjeongdamdong you suspend disbelief. But instead, Tommy Hong sees her desire, what she wants in her heart. Seung-jo is really interesting because he’s obviously the Mad Hatter. There nothing wrong in living a dream, long as you know where the lines are. I really wished the writers also focused on Secretary Moon and Ah Jung’s relationship.

A more mature-looking actress like Song He Kyo would be a far better match. I don’t think it works with the problems with the law, but certainly the Shin family gave him a hard time. Whatever happened to Yoon-joo’s Wonderland-Diary? And I’m pretty satisfied with this ending, even more so after reading the recap, so thanks for the awesome comments after every episode!

The recaps really do add to the watching experience. Episode 7 Han Se-kyung calls Seo Yoon-joo and asks her the answer of the first danger among the three she must encounter if she wants to go into Cheongdam-dong.

Cha Seung-jo bumps into his father, Cha ll-nam, and they have a very unhappy conversation. At least with Seung Jo and Min Hyuk we got to see how 2 very different personalities dealt with knowing a gold digger. I should purchase a Samsung product.


SINOPSIS Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 1 – 16 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Seung-jo then heads on to his meeting with Il-nam. Se-kyung tells him that the only way for them to stay together is if he can face the reality of who she is, and still accept her. They both admit that they cannot remember.

I thnk she protrayed her role quite well But that said, I did enjoy myself watching it for the most part It’s as if you are saying cheongdmdong happy things can only survive in some sort of dream state. There is good and bad in everyone.

When she goes back to the shop to look for it, she meets Cha Deama, who insults her again. What I didn’t like was that SJ sort of remembered the whole dreaming thing only after a while so, If the alcohol was stronger, he wouldn’t remember it at all and thus there would be no happy reunion, or what??? Add a pretentious ending with a dream in a dream a alie Inception to hide the misery.

Once Yoon-joo leaves, Seung-jo looks up the business card for Carrey Park Gallery, where his painting was eventually kept. The actors did what they could do but the material wasn’t enough to begin with.

But I’m a fan nontheless.