Oh that would actually be great if it happens! Loved the whole cast. I took that as a proposal as well. He may not remember, but he feels that this sort of place is where he belongs, and he knows instinctively that he came from money. No event was ever wasted in this show, and everything that happened affected events later on. Hye-su, however, discovers her mother does not approve of Choi. I don’t think I initially would have watched it, because story wise it didn’t appeal to me, if it wasn’t for SiG. He stops her before she throws them away, and she says still thinking the shoes are from Ma-ri that accepting them could lead to more trouble.

She does wear the shoes, and the designer clothes from Ma-ri. The ending was simple yet beautiful. He says the shoes are from him, so she should wear them and work hard. How I would remember them everytime I see orange rose, red carpet, maxim gold, blue jotter, gold imitation crown, and pinguin, because Louis does run like a super adorable pinguin. Strangely, the blood and the tooth are not a match. I literally gasped when I read this! Especially the scene in the bar.

Lee, who was a continuous nervous wreck. I have said this many a times but I will say it again- I am gonna miss him so so much in the next two years, and I am definitely gonna re-watch all his shows and watch the few I haven’t seen. Episode 6 by Helcat. He tells her not to eat too much since her dress is pretty tight, then tells her to eat more when she seems to enjoy the cake so much. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: That would be too much!


I’ll hold her still for all of you. I still love you show. Thanks for the recap LollyPip!

And suddenly, Baek Sung Il comes and tell that evil frustrated murderer that his taxes has hok paid in full. Louis softly tells Bok-shil that she looks like her mother. He nearly bursts into tears when he realizes he left his shoes inside, hee. This is one of the few times I actually felt bad that Mr.

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They’re just sweet, sweet, sweet and cute, cute, cute. Unknown April 07, 9: So i just made a poema very silly one, on Ko Bok Shil and Louise. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Pyo Min-soo Han Joo-seok. Ella Minozz Maret 26, 8: Glad I was stick with them from the first episode.

Joong-won overhears that, and follows her out. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

Now I can’t imagine all of you happily living life after the camera turns off. Cha when Louis even rooted for her. Bok-shil then positions herself as a rice-server for the crew and comes to the set everyday.


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OMG you guys, there were SO many squealworthy moments in this episode! Aww i’m gonna miss this show It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s sweet. sinnopsis

You have been awesome! He shows Louis the documentary again, and Louis realizes that this is why Bok-shil looked so familiar to him. Even Mari just bumbled about and never really felt like a threat. Right is in your attitude.

Now I can’t wait for ep 5 next week! And Bok-shil is a saint. SKL was a pleasure to watch and I’ll miss Louis and his sinopsls so badly.

By a stroke of luck, Han Jeong-hoon, also on the set, absent-mindedly offers Bok-shil a job at the film company. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

Why do you have to be so damn talented? I hate it when they break up the episodes, it always affects the show. I think this sinopsie the first in my almost 5 years of drama watching, that I will really take note and miss when an actor leaves for his military service. Everyone accepted everyone else despite of it.