You have the gift for gab and blab! But, sadly, it is nowhere constructive. Face scrunch uh, squash and all. I felt it would have been better had he lived helping other orphans like himself, repenting for his sins. It was more polished and engaging. They also did a little light borrowing from Greek mythology towards the very end too.

From now on, the time you earn from this day forward does not belong to you. Still dealing with gaksital-ending withdraw. You have the gift for gab and blab! Joo-wal arrives and watches from the distance. The next day, Eun-oh speaks with an air of finality to Dol-swe and the Bangs, thanking them for looking after him and asking them to keep up their hard work in the future. Time is still running out though they don’t know why after the bell rang the gods haven’t followed through. I think so too that Jade emperor was his teacher then. Bang-wool leans in close to Arang to hear her breathing Are you gonna kiss her too?

Or give better alternates. That means whether they live or die, they can still be together here or there. RTP I knew that it was coming magitrate much from episode 1. She follows, determined to figure it out.

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So he reincarnated him. From the cringeworthy moments between shaman girl thhe the lovable lug of a servantsma, the redemption? This show definitely did both and did both on purpose because Joseon society is like that.


Sad that only the couple with heartbreaking existences out of having He beats them down in a raging fury. Can she sense Eun-oh? Then she’d keep him busy so he ‘ll stop interfering with human affairs. John June eposode, at I think I still miss half of what’s being conveyed, magisttrate I’m hooked anyway by the interesting, gothic feel of the show and the great performances That would mess up the lineages and ancestor worship big time, and Confucianism is ultimately ancestor worship.

Imma start researching the folktale behind this drama!

What a great show! Thanks for the recap gf. Even though the created world was beautiful and wondrous, for me the heart of the story was Arang and Satto.

So grim reapers are actually souls destined to hell and they got the assignment to be grim reapers and be in heaven sometimes. Won’t write an essay except to say I was feeling surprisingly wretched for Ju Wal yesterday.

Would be funny to see Eun-Oh give up his high chair for the food fights with fellow ghosts. Yes, the Jade Emperor pretty much predicted everything that was going to happen, and he stepped in enough times to steer the situation arrang being. Jilly September 20, at 9: So Wooden acting is too much Thanks, Manager ck1Oz for your work!!! Overall, on a scale of 1 to 5, I would mqgistrate this drama somewhere between 3.


The door to hell. I love that this show episdoe keeps me guessing, even when I could be content to solve the riddles at hand.

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At least Arang and Eun-Oh magisfrate to start over again from scratch and it’s made clear that they are quite literally the same people same mannerisms, etc–no dopplegangers here!

People who complain need to spend eternity with Creepy Mom. You guys are like my lifeline or something. Secret Agents War, could you please het her instead! Arang pleads at him to wake up… as her body flickers and vanishes. Stunned, Eun-oh puts the book back and starts to leave… and sees another book right next to it. Different with animal in earth The fruit, the offerings, etc, is probably more Wuism–since I recognize aspects of it in Muism Korean Shamanism.

Reka September 23, at 1: While the latter totally went down the drain for me.