How happy she must have been to get such a great deal out of that kid. But the complicated thing is Shelena Mia October 19, at 1: A fairy would be like a celestial being in Asian culture. I wonder if the Jade Emperor is using Eun-oh’s presence and his stubborn mommy-issues to expel Mu-yeon from the mom’s body, at which point it is okay for Mu-young to stab her. Yes it would be wonderful if JW can find a way to “redeem” himself from all the wrong he did, in an unusual way not the bad guy turns good kind of way but maybe a lost-boy-turn-good with a twist kind.

Who else clearly remembers the Jade Emperor telling his stoic-faced fairy that her expressions don’t call for many Reaper suitors? Minea September 20, at Being gods they certainly can give better than they got.. I love this show. Hm, you be speaking in metaphors old man? She came to know her truth, and to know who she was. Beritahu saya pos-pos baru lewat surat elektronik. He may be protective of Arang now, which is sweet yes, but it’s still irks me how anyone can still want Arang with JW after knowing he killed her once AND he possibly killed Seo-Rim according to ep 16 preview.

Setelah itu, Mi-ho mengatakan selamat tinggal untuk pergi ke loteng dan bersiap-siap pergi — dan saat itulah Dong-joo menemukannya.

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Dots are connected, motivations explained, and true identities revealed. Is that enough for the family of those people he killed?

Thank you as always for your recaps. Those 2 light up the screen, more than a painting. Fantasy Horror Period drama Romance. Meski dia datang magistrzte, dia toh akan tetap lari nanti.

So, it’s Dominique who doesn’t know lee min ho is the real wooden actor, kkk. Episodes by LollyPip.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

Kiara September 20, at 7: Plus, as febe mentioned, reincarnation is something that has always been there in this drama. Very slowly and boringly. Arent he the one who has to worry the most if Satto discover the truth since he has also murdered soooo many peoples? All that has happened had been hinted in previous episodes. I know you’re scared but you have about half a month left.


Tied to it is a familiar blue ribbon, and a ransom note. Little Matistrate stole the show. Arang subbers- were all on holidays then Arang got delayed and everyone is back in school. It doesn’t exactly nullify everything that has happened before since sinoopsis memories are intact in their new life. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod magistraye ut laoreet dolore magna. We at Soompi’s thread hope too. This gives me idea that this drama should have a season 2!

It would totally makes sense for a chrysanthemum to be a mystic symbol in the world of death. I mean, in a sense, it does sound a bit ridiculous. D I’m not currently watching this drama but glancing at the recaps now and then. Instead, I really love this idea that aranng two earned their next lifetime together, and the fact that they retain their memories and meet as children.

He believes that if he helps her, Arang will regain her memories and give him information about his mother.

Mi-ho bertanya apakah dia terlihat menyedihkan karena mau menderita demi Dae-woong. But according to the servant, he was the one who brought in Mom to the house And after that he’ ll have love affair with one of his faries.

Going all the way to the top, no matter the odds, or dying while trying, just is not in the gene. Cause we don’t want to mess up the plot simply because one likes a character But on the other hand, if he is being used to be a symbol of tragedy and a cautionary character, dinopsis even though they like him they will go ahead and let him suffer in this life and the life to come.


Now it is already mid afternoon and the subs is not finished yet. Sinopzis does not elevates all the harsh things that you’ve said in a drama. aranb

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 15 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Retrieved February 1, His “destiny” and what not. But that’s just mainly because I want my OTP to be together. It is even better than the show! CaroleMcDonnell September 21, at 4: Is the girl in the mirror Im Joo Eun???

I agree, Joo wal is such a complex character and I’m waiting to see how he will eventually evolve. He puts his hand out and walks around the room, feeling the supernatural energy.

Even though if I go to heaven I will forget you, and if I go to hell you will forget me. Story-wise, it can seen as lazy. Eun-oh runs through town screaming for Mom, but Joo-wal has led her up to an abandoned house in the mountains, where he hides her away. Imo, there was no other way to go but reincarnation if the couple wanted to stay in the human world. But must it take the drama one whole episode to move from one peak to the next? Arang giving the diary to JW was particularly symbolic.

Such enduring and endearing sense of protectiveness over a being that cannot die