By now he’s procured too many people for Mom, knowingly; there can be no redemption unless he sacrifices his life to take her down. Could have been worst so I’m not going to complain. Personally, I think it’s because the writer didn’t have anything after the hairpin My nerves took a beating at the start of the episode, when she kept agreeing to the deal. Kiara October 18, at 8: Tina October 20, at This “time” was the “debt” both owed to the Gods. Lives are at stake here.

JK you’re killing me with your thoughts here. Donna October 18, at 7: I mean kissing, not loading, typo. And yes if they are to do it directly there would be no need of all this episodes Who are to come in next episode??? Ahhh can’t wait for the last ep tomorrow How could he know about this place? I did mentioned Faith is sucks too.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

Firstly, nowhere have I ever stated that Lee JunKi could not be a better actor than any maigstrate. Or was it just more of Dol-Swe’s love and worship?

She’s now an existence that doesn’t exist anymore. The first half was definitely better than the second half.

KMY is deserved an award too. And then Mu-young arrives and stops at the edge of the cliff where Eun-oh fell, but he just keeps going.

And I love when Sato Eun-oh races through town searching for Arang, to stop her before she offers herself up to swap places with Mom. Episode 6 by Helcat. If this was any truer to its story, we’d have a n extrmemely melodramatic eepisode genre on our hands.


Is she really his mom — did she actually gjve birth to him, or did a she-demon just took in her appearance or took possession of her body? Am still not sure if Joo Wal was a coward. This is something I too, wonder about. I have a bad feeling about this Gonna miss U too JK. I’m disappointed with arang.

Well that got his attention. I’m so glad they tied up all the loose ends the parts with the ghosts and Joo-wal was especially satisfying and also gave the OTP a cute sweet end: One thing I’ve noticed about all good love stories is that the love story isn’t the only aspect –or even the main aspect– of the story. You are the only person who said or even implied this. What I didn’t like was basically bashing others just because you don’t agree.

I’m glad they found eachother again. It is just suited with whole theme as living, love, death, memory and human desires. There is no reincarnation in Confucianism. I loved how they brought in so much detailing of the characterizations from paper. Ahhh can’t wait for the last ep tomorrow Rather than ride off into the sunset, the horse is more likely going to be severely startled and throw you off and leave you paralysed waist down forever, or even something worse.

Oh, If K-dramas were a large box of candies, this one would be that rare delicious treat that I dig up the whole box of goodies for. You wouldn’t be that cruel, would you, drama writers?! That just makes her foolish choice that much more tragic.


I do like the clever reason to unleash a panoply of odd creatures into their world, which thee loads of fun and interesting bad guys for them to fight, and hopefully each of them brings another piece of the puzzle along with them.

Donna Chan October 17, at 9: Little Arang so cute!

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 20 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Thank you for the recap!! Well, I don’t believe in rating system I don’t mind them being re-incarnated as long as they both retain their memories and can be together.

Would be funny to see Eun-Oh give up his thhe chair for the food fights with fellow ghosts. Well I knew she had to be put in danger again, but what I mean is that the writers could have at least had the courtesy to have her PRETEND like she intended to stay safe for at least a few minutes before having her just outright run after him. Bottom line is, we should not discredit an actor just because he does not do episodde action scenes himself.

I’m anti-helpless woman in tower syndrome