Evan is sad, all this time, there is no use for their love. Hendri sayang ama alisa, maka jika dia tau alisa adalah anaknya, hendri akan sangat senang. Nuno asks Evan to promise not to bother Alisa any longer! Nuno tells Alisa to get in the car but she refuses. Alisa blg evan uda plg, td dia ke sini hanya ngucapin selamat. Alisa has hurt him!! Apparently they both hate the same person. Evan keeps on hugging Alisa and caresses her hair gently.

Di lorong rumah sakit, evan bertanya tentang akte anak riska yang ia temui di lemari mamanya ke sofia. Evan comes and touches her shoulder. Natasha then tries to make Evan feel better, she asks Evan to accept all of this with an open heart. Natasha reminds Evan again, not to see Alisa behind her back!! Nuno then tries to call Alisa. Alisa then excuses herself, she needs to go back to work.

The list of names of the deceased kept growing every hour as more bodies were identified. Sofia goes to see Natasha in her room.

Kisah ini berakhir dengan Raka mencadangakan agar mereka menamakan anak Galang dan Kirana dengan nama Raka tetapi menurut Galang sinetrno dia dan Kirana yang menamakan anak mereka dan bukannya Raka.

Suddenly Sofia conta in, followed by Evan. Kurana it was time to walk around the Christmas tree and the room was only lit by candles my grandmother set the tone and we all sang and danced until there were no songs left in our booklets. Sofia also assumes that Riska has told Alisa everything. Living in a terrace, I always had a handful of children to play with and I was lucky to get the opportunity to grow up in a good environment with beautiful surroundings. Evan datang dan blg bahwa dia yg mengajak alisa ke sini.


Alisa is surprised, she then tells them that she needs to go back to work. Natasha then says that Sofia just slapped her. Hendri minta alisa untuk menjaga diri ia tidak mau alisa jadi sakit.

Nuno senang mendengar kabar itu. Alisa tells Sofia that she has always loved Evan, until now. His longest spell lasts seven days; his shortest, one day.

Not long after that Evan hears a knock at the front door. Dumplings In Split Green Pea Soup By AMY BEH Prep About 1 hour Cook About 1 hour Ingredients o 95g glutinous rice flour o 5g tapioca flour o Pinch of salt o 10g shortening o 75g water Split green pea soup o 50g split green peas lok tau peensoaked for hours o 2 screwpine leaves, knotted o 40g rock sugar o ml hot water Method Place glutinous rice, tapioca flour and salt in a mixing bowl.

Alisa opens the door, Evan is drenched from the rain, and he explains about their relationship! Alisa apologizes because she frequently irritates him. Alisa becomes happy and hugs Nuno… Evan goes to a party with Natasha, at the party Natasha sees the doctor that helped deliver her baby. Its chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar in a statement said LPTC had begun discussions with bus operators and relevant government agencies with the view to resolving issues that resulted in safety being compromised within the industry.

Frisco is surprised, Alisa???

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Hendri sangat senang melihat alisa. Hendri immediately leans limply on the hospital wall.


Nat memeluk evan dan berusaha membujuk evan bahwa orang tadi hanya bohong, karena nat hanya mencintai evan, dan evan pun belum pernah menyentuhnya jadi mana mungkin ia hamil. Alisa then cries alone.

Some people are more prone to headaches because of their genetic make-up, brain chemistry and also hereditary reasons. Itu artinya evan telah menikahi clnta yang sedang hamil anak orang lain.

Pressmen crowded the front of the mortuary to find out the number of victims involved in the accident. Alisa hendak masuk rumah dan tiba-tiba nat nongol ketika alisa hendak menutup pintu. Alisa then asks Evan what she should do.

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Another reason is Romania’s nature and traditions. Nuno then leaves to go after Alisa. We had a lot of funny habits. Evan immediately becomes attentive and asks what is going on with Alisa. You can push a needle through the brain and you will feel nothing. Evan yg nyetir dan menerima tlp dr rmh sakit bahwa hendri uda di pindahkan ke ruang biasa.

Evan and Natasha go to the police station, a policeman tells them that Alisa has been accused of killing Eddy, Evan becomes surprised. Nat menyusul dgn mobilnya. Ditengah jalan yg sedang hujan deras, alisa hujan2an.