It goes without saying that Mr. All questions about different USBs making a difference were instantly removed during the 1st listen. It’s only initial impressions but I’m a happy camper already. On the other hand, with a more naturally balanced recording, say Charles Ives: If the test pressing is indicative, this one is likely to be the best of the bunch. I mean I always feel like I can hear nuanced differences with cables and the like

I mean I always feel like I can hear nuanced differences with cables and the like Knowledge of precious metals and cable geometry have allowed us to create an entirely new level of audio performance not before thought possible. It is through this extensive testing procedure that allows us to bring you some of the finest audio cables in the world. They compare favorably i. However, since every active room utilizes cables, power products, and accessories, it is virtually impossible to cover them all. Sonic Impressions The Silnotes were sonic chameleons in the best sense of the word. The Silnotes lavish equal care and attention on the female voice.

Silnote came about as one day Cra decided to build and design a cable for himself. The combo works wonders with something like the Schoenbergwith its overly-ripe mid-bass balance, precisely because the subtly lean character of the front-end electronics usefully offsets the recording’s inherent richness. Because I totally am right now.


Sound is really excellent–very good highs, superb mids and lows– replaced silver and MIT cables. All Silnote cables are custom hand crafted in house with extreme attention to detail, tested on state of the art equipment, and go through a “burning in” process. My apologies for any confusion.

As icing on the cake, a billowy cushion of ambient air envelopes each instrument, adding to the heightened sense of realism. Still, I am so pleased to have found your company and its outstanding products.

We use only the finest precious metals and materials. Lastly the most clarion change in the music with the Silnotes was the dramatic increase in the dynamics. Through them, one can easily discern the sonic differences between various components.


AXPONA Chicago 2015: Cables, Power Products, Accessories, and Music

Originally recorded on the Columbia label, the album failed to attract much acclaim upon its initial release. A true audil product will let you hear the millions of tiny differences that exist in music and do so effortlessly. To frame things differently, I don’t think that the M2s offer across-the-board better sound than the Poseidon line of cables, especially the Poseidon Signature XLRs. I am a thrice repeat customer who really appreciates an reeference product which far exceeds its rather modest price tag.

Systems do need to settle, but there was also morpheks major system tweaking throughout the show, most of it for the good. They are more of a component than anything. Legal Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Being the bass hound that I am It improved the sound of my audio system significantly. It was like my whole system was injected with adrenaline that gave instruments and voices an aliveness and impact that I really didn’t think my stats were capable of.

Peerlessly neutral, smooth and beautifully detailed, but never etched or bright, they reproduced the unique tonal shadings, dynamic gradations and overall gestalt of any recordings I threw their way with unflinching fidelity.

Super value for the price. morpbeus

Peerlessly neutral, smooth and holographic, superbly detailed but never etched or bright, they reproduce the unique tonal shadings, dynamic gradations and overall gestalt of any recording one cares to use with unflinching fidelity. Also like most great components, the Silnotes further removed microscopic sonic hash from recordings that rva have the effect of different instruments bleeding into one another.

In fact, they will yeild as powerful benefits as these, and at a fraction of the price. I just can’t imagine it sounding better.

Silnote Audio Cables

It is through this extensive testing procedure that allows us to bring you some of the finest audio cables in the world.


Improved clarity without a hint of harshness. Of course, instruments were reproduced with beautiful natural timbre, a hallmark of the Quads. As you listen to more and more recorded music you sometimes lose your way as to what real instruments sound like, it would do us all some good if we take the time out to go listen to some live un-amplified music and get our musical bearings back on course.

I believe this is one of those products. Like us on Facebook.

All I can say is that my system sounded “WOW”. There is no carryover on the Ssss or Cccc sounds.

Silnote Audio – The World’s Finest Audio Cables Interconnects Speaker Power

They are like stereo components rather refrrence cables. If you have ever had occasion to examine a digital fourier transform DFT sound spectrum display of a musical event in real time, what you come away with is a deeper appreciation of how silnotw initial transient and sometimes end transient flows naturally into the sustain and thence into the sonic decay.

I am simply blown away by your cables! Arrived quickly, well packed, well designed. Silnote doesn’t play tricks like that – I feel like they are delivering the most quality possible in their lowest-end offering, and only add quality up the line with premium materials.

Once you do based on my experience The importance of accurately capturing the impact of that initial transient, both dynamically and temporally, cannot be overstated. All questions about different USBs making reffrence difference were instantly removed during the 1st listen.

Even with the convenience and improving sound-quality of digital systems, a surprising number of rooms offered analog front ends.