The so-called Gunda of the village, he is fondly called as Dada by his associates. Gangadhar gets back to his normal self as soon as he regains consciousness. Shalaka has decided not to go back to Australia, and search for a suitable job in Mumbai itself. Gangadhar’s friends provide him financial aid. Shalaka is impressed on seeing Shyamal’s art and even encourages her to do something different in her life. Shalaka even informs Shekhar that she has decided to take up a job in Siddharth’s company. A person comes to meet Gangadhar.

A semi-fictional biopic on Marathi language’s greatest writer and humorist Purushottam Laxman Deshpande. Gangadhar is rushed home and the doctor is called. Shekhar even talks to Kharkar’s family members and makes them understand the entire scenario. Gangadhar refuses but Shreelesh gets excited and breaks this news to everyone. A show which takes satirical digs at the national and state-level political scenario. Gangadhar and everyone else are excited to see the video message of Shalaka recorded by Shekhar. Not Rated min Family, Musical, Romance. Shekhar has a tiff with Shyamal.

Nikita and Shreelesh ask Shekhar to talk to Gangadhar and tell him to leave the dog. Shreelesh tells Shyamal about it but she asks him to talk to Shekhar before taking gangadar decision.

Shreelesh tells Shekhar about the lucrative job offer for which he is even ready to quit his current job. Kharkar and Nene visit Gangadhar at the hospital and come to know that he needs to be operated as soon as possible. Dajiba is a straight-forward and god-fearing farmer. Sumbaran min Drama 8. Ghanshyam, a fun loving foodie, living in a joint family, has rejected 63 girls for marriage.

Shekhar clarifies all their misunderstandings. Rudram 22 min Mystery 9.


Gangadhar leaves for Pune. Hrudayantar is an emotional drama that explores the marital crisis of a couple through turbulent times. Samir apologizes to the Tipre family for all the inconvenience he caused and leaves from there.

Shreelesh and Gangadhar try to find the guy. Chakwa min Mystery 7.

Shevri min Drama 7. Shekhar and Shyamal are tensed about the finances but Shreelesh helps them out. Gangadhar mistakes that he has come to inquire about the thefts in the society and he misleads him. Shyamal tells about it gwngadhar Shalaka and she feels guilty.

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A homeless petty thief attempts to find the biological mother of an abandoned baby. Gangadhar plans a surprise visit to Shekhar’s office.

Ranangan min Drama 5. Shekhar and Shreelesh take a leave from office to spend time with Shalaka but Shekhar gets upset on knowing that Shalaka has gone out to meet Gangashar. Overview Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre is a sitcom based on a typical middle-class Maharashtrian family. The Tipre family discusses about the same on the dining table when Shalaka says how even Siddharth dared to walk on a different path.

Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre – Episode 163

A person comes to meet Gangadhar who says that he is a production manager and wants to cast him in a Marathi movie. The Uniform II min Drama 7. Shyamal informs Shekhar that Shaila is recuperating and he feels elated to know this. Gola Berij min Biography 5. Shyamal too is ecstatic to know about the promotion and also informs Shreelesh. Shalaka even informs Shekhar that she has decided dhriyut take up a job in Siddharth’s company. A semi-fictional biopic on Marathi language’s greatest writer and humorist Purushottam Laxman Deshpande.

Shyamal is extremely worried and calls up Gangadhar.


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Hi son Varad was married earlier but his first 412 left him in few months while second wife committed suicide on the wedding day itself. Episodr makes them understand that she too needs a break sometimes.

Gangadhar faints while demonstrating Yoga to his friends. Shreelesh behaves exactly like Shekhar and everyone is stunned. Shreelesh tells Shyamal about Gangadhar’s antics in the hospital. Shekhar leaves for Australia. Shreelesh too gets worried and asks Shekhar to talk to Gangadhar.

Shreelesh asks his friends to find the guy named Samir who has sent the love letter to Nikita. Shekhar calls up at his office and finds out that Gangadhar is stranded there.

He is then taken to the operation theatre. Lagna Pahave Karun gangadhr Romance 7. Shekhar too is upset and his friends comfort him. Nikita tackles the situation daringly and gets the guy who follows her, beaten up. Shekhar has to go to another office for some urgent meeting. Gangadhar advices Shreelesh to be health conscious. Shyamal, Gangadhar and Nikita are pleasantly whriyut with Shreelesh’s behavior and feel that he is only pretending.

Shyamal completes all the work singlehandedly. Shyamal tells Shekhar and Shreelesh that she has decided to clean the house as it’s a Sunday and they both have holiday.

Jatin Satish Wagle Stars: Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre Season 1.