She brings along Sakuragi, but Miyagi, who has a crush on Ayako, thinks that she and Sakuragi are together and immediately becomes jealous. Ryota Miyagi returns to basketball after being injured in a fight. Akagi decides that it’s about time that Hanamichi learns how to shoot. Using it you can search the videos also and can play them too before downloading. Shohoku’s next match is against Gohoku. Uozomi and Akagi begin their rivalry as captains. Taoka tells the Ryonan to continue to attack. Hissatsu Danku ” Japanese:

Joost also started airing all the as of May on their website. Using DrollMotion you can download any type of videos from the Dailymotion to your mobile, smart phones, computer in mp4, mp3 formats both in HD and SD quality. Debut at an Official Game” Transcription: The match starts off with Ryonan leading Hanamichi pulls off some amazing defense and manages to steal the ball from Akagi. As he has to be taken out, Sakuragi goes back into the court with some words from Ansai for him and Rukawa.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shohoku’s problems continue piling up. Mitsui and Tetsuo were defeated, but Mitsui still continues to fight.

When Akagi arrives, the atmosphere becomes dense. He unconsciously went to Akagi’s house for help, and in order to help Sakuragi a little bit, Akagi gives him one piece of advice You can even sshoyo the episodes and movies and download them. Kanzen Kechakku ” Japanese: After practicing the lay up shot with Haruko before school, Hanamichi finally makes it in.

Though things were tough for him, as nervousness broke his concentration, and his imagination started running wild.

Aota continues to try and bribe Hanamichi into joining the Judo Club using Haruko’s photos. Hanamichi decides to join the basketball club, which Akagi is against. Hanamichi decides that he will take the pictures, but not join the Judo Club.


Slamdunk! Shohoku vs Shoyo [TAGALOG SUB]

Shohoku’s next match is against Gohoku. Fujima is leading a strong charge for Shoyo against Shohoku, taking the lead once again. Hanamichi is tired of being made to do basic dribbling practice by himself. Mitsui, reminiscing upon the past, gets the energy to play and lead his team. Mitsui got himself caught up in a fight between Ryo and Tetsuo, and was eventually episose himself.

Slam Dunk : Shohoku vs Shoyo (14)

Kainan vs Ryonan” Japanese: DrollMotion is based on super fast script which can handle a number of downloads simultaneously. Kogure remarks that Hanamichi is improving at an astonishing rate. Rukawa pulls off some great moves, but isn’t able to score against Akagi.

Sakuragi is still upset at Akagi for telling him a false technique in defense, and tries harder the next game against Tsukubu. Sakuragi skips practice in order to investigate on why Yohko was acting so strangely. The next day, Haruko has to accompany Sakuragi to the sports shop to buy a new pair of shoes because his old shoes are in a bad shape after the practice game with Ryonan.

The match between Shohoku and Kainan has been tight and intense all shyo way through, but it was Sakuragi who stood out the most with his cocky attitude and amazing athleticism.

Debut at an Official Game” Transcription: Once he enters High School, he meets a girl Haruko Akagi who introduces him to basketball. Is this the end for Shohoku?

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After Hanamichi shows his determination, Akagi lets him join the team and entrusts his basic training to the manager, Ayako. That wasn’t Takezono’s only problem; Oda’s injury remains ignorant to everyone but Yohko and Sakuragi, and it’s clearly affecting his ability to play.


Rukawa however, seems to be heating up. He starts to realize that he might not be so great epissode all. Hanamichi is allowed to play for the last two minutes of the game, and he demonstrates his skill at dribbling that he learned from Ayako.

Sakuragi was hacked on a play, giving him two shots at the freethrow line. Does this spell doom for the team?

Ansai coach asks for a time-out and substitutes sakuragi. While he gets fouled out, he’s improving rather quickly, and he’ll need it against a powerhouse team like Shoyo, who’s the second ranking team in the tournament.

Coach Anzai stops by to announce that they will be having a practice match against Ryonan High School soon. With the Shohoku offense stalled by Shoyo’s defense, Rukawa takes it upon himself to lead the offensive charge. Ryonan is leading with 3 points ahead of Shohoku, Taoka said that the game will depends on how Sakuragi plays.

Hanamichi vs Miyagi” Transcription: Miuradai started gaining control of the game, until Gs started finally guarding Rukawa instead of Sakuragi. Sakuragi gundan ” Japanese: Will Miyagi and Sakuragi be able to coexist? Now two years later, in his attempt to sabotage Shohoku’s chances of participating in the tournament, his feelings for the sport appear to be returning once again.

Now, there is only about 9 minutes left on the clock.