Please fill out this field with valid email address. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Beginning January 3, Loveline with Dr. I cried like a baby. As a result of the imminent departure of Howard Stern to Sirius Satellite Radio , an announcement was made on October 25, that the station would adopt a Hot talk format on January 3, The simulcast ended at 10 a. She goes out and hunts for her prey.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. To prevent any backlash from fans of modern rock, an Internet-only radio station called “K-Rock2” was launched at the same time as the format adjustment. Moreover, it was hard to classify K-Rock an alternative station considering classic rock acts like Led Zeppelin were being played , while it was hard to label it as active rock due to the inclusion of some, but not all, alternative artists. Although its transmitters were restored, WINS’ transmitters were on low power for at least a day. On December 28, , John and Jeff started being broadcast from syndication out of sister station Allen was hoping that station management would fire him, but from the comments from message boards like Radio-Info, this “event” was either staged or a poor ratings ploy to attract more listeners, since Allen has been known to pull successful stunts at other stations that he had worked at in the past. The previous WXRK

Retrieved February 23, The simulcast ended at 10 a. In 9.23, The Greaseman ‘s syndicated show was put shoby the nighttime slot, bookending Stern with an act that was often quite controversial. The Mellow 92 continued until June I see this woman wearing a blouse that was really tight under her breasts and tight jeans with her stomach sticking straight out, and she looks nine months pregnant.

The stunting came to sjoboy end at 4: Micho sounds like your lightning rod character. As a result, the station attempted to revamp its lineup with the addition of several new talk shows, the first of which occurred on December 20, By the mids, modern rock had become popular.

As part of the K-Rock format change on April 4, from alternative rock to mainstream rockK-Rock2, a new Internet-only radio station, was created. His morning show became the highest-rated in the market, dethroning Don Imusshobboy previously had the highest-rated morning show for several years on WNBC.


That same day, Nick DiPaolo became host of the 12pm to 3pm time slot.

The hosts referred to the bassist acst “Fag Number 1” and asked, “How many badges of honor do you have in your colon? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As the replacement for Howard Stern, Roth lost nearly three-quarters of Howard Stern’s previous syoboy, dropping a 7. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Radio and Records issue Our second goal is to get stories from artists, because listeners love them.

Additional new shows soon followed. She goes out and hunts for her prey.

Nina is a hunter at heart. This section does not cite any sources. Due to low ratings, the final terrestrial airing of Opie and Anthony show whoboy on March 9, By then, WKTU was still regarded as a disco station, but could be more accurately described as rhythmic contemporary hit radio.

WFNY’s ratings plummeted with the change to an all-talk format. In Decemberas a result of another change in the station’s management, K-Rock made an adjustment to the format focusing more on classic hard rock and playing even less current rock songs. JV and Elvis were later suspended on April 30 over a six-minute prank phone call peppered with ethnic and sexual slurs to a Chinese restaurant, after numerous Chinese American advocacy groups complained to CBS demanding the hosts be fired.

Entercom Flips WBMP (Amp 92.3) to Alternative as Alt 92.3 in New York City

Then I feel her sucking in her stomach. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to all 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse leveled against him at hearing in Chicago Monday morning. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And Randy, I would have bet my left and my right arm that this woman was pregnant. Paco later went to jail for drug dealing, which is curious considering he had a successful career in radio and didn’t need the money that the illicit profession of drug dealing provided.


Shoboy in the Morning, Positively Fun!

Shobo a result, Rapaport purchased disco records and brought them into the station. She has been heard doing DJ shifts on co-owned Fresh To kick off the new format, which he enthusiastically endorsed as a better fit for his audience, Stern stayed on the air until 1: I cried like a baby. K-Rock HD2, at one point had a full-time air staff, including a local music show, but later ran completely automated.

Entercom Flips WBMP (Amp ) to Alternative as Alt in NYC – Variety

WKTU abruptly flipped to a disco-based rhythmic top 40 format with the tagline “Disco 92” at 6 p. Radio stations in the Metropolitan New York market. The previous Shiboy Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Weekends continued to use the “Free Rock Weekend” format, which included hour-long “Freecasts” in which a single listener chose the approximately 15 songs played during the hour.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were the only dast act at the Oscars this year who got to sing their song at full length, at shpboy and a half minutes, instead of condensed down to two. Modern rock radio stations in the state of New York. He has powerful perceptions of life in a comical sense.

With the format adjustment, Paul Turner, who was the voice of the Howard Shoboyy Show and K-Rock when it was a classic rock station in the s, returned as voice of the station’s promos. On December 28,John and Jeff started being broadcast from syndication out of sister station It is not to be confused with WFNY.