Live baiting for mulloway though it would be perfect. Not had chance to see them in the flesh yet and I’m not in too much of a hurry as I just know I’ll buy some! So the mediums should do you, subject to casting ability. The better line lay will probably get you some extra yards. Baitrunner lc Thu, Crezz- Let me know how you go with the Ultegra. Hope this helps a bit.

Paul Hamer Senior Member Nov 6, So only a tiny bit heavier then the current mediums. You need to be a registered member of Barbel Fishing World to post on these forums. Built like a german tank. Yeah its the same with everything though isnt it. As for the choice overall against other reels, if your aim is to improve casting distance primarily i would recommend lighter long conical spool design reels Am sticking to my twig , cat gut and bent pin in fear of been called a copy cat or mini me.

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Sorry if that’s been mentioned before, it’s just the extra cost and stuff if it’s just a slight weight thing for something that spends most of it’s time on a rod and on rod rests. Interestingly Shimano do a front spool baitrunner system on the XTB’s I think – but having tried this out I wasn’t too improessed.

Personally I don’t rate the windcast, I don’t agree with any puddle either about the saltiga surf but he is spot on with the power pro reasonable line for a reasonable price but each to their own. So the mediums should do you, subject to casting ability. Also, the thunnus has IMO Thu, Shimanos revolutionary Varispeed System consists of two specially designed gears. Just looked at that link hutcho whats to stop anyone buying them online and getting them shipped over??

As for the choice overall against other reels, froum your aim is to improve casting distance primarily i would recommend lighter long conical spool design reels Built like a german tank. I’m looking forward to testing mine out, always fun getting new gear. Its been used by rellies during visits to scull drag some hefty fish out with little care, dropped in sand and surf repeatedly without muttering so much as a complaint. Ian Crook Senior Member Nov 6, IMO every beach fisher person should aim at having a setup they can cast as far as possible, not always required but good to have up your sleeve.


I will add I previously owned Shimano, 10,xte’s and original Longcast’s before the newer xta’s. The AR-C spool will minimise the risk of backlash.

New Shimano LC’s(Medium)

The point that I found very interesting was the subject of spool size in relation to distance. Click on the hyperlink insert button.

Long cast spool certainly helps this. I know ‘reel development’ is constant and there is already a newer version of this specific model on the market.

I’ve had no issues with reliability what so ever and have beasted it over the last 18 months. Would be keen to hear what your thoughts are once you give it a good run.

Hi crezz i have had one for a few years initially I had alot of problems with bearings Seizing up that obviously arnt fixed under shimano warranty. Posted by Paul Warren at I don’t fish massive waters so this model suits my style of fishing perfectly, all you big pit carpers out there would probably be better off with a big spool with gorum huge line capacity.

Its not that small length wise anyway. Hard to explain to be honest, but I’ll try. Jon Frisby Senior Member Nov 6, It works like the ‘quick drag’ system which Daiwa use on the Windcast models – which IMO is a horrific design – when I have a decent fish on I like to have a good range of adjustability in the drag system which simply isn’t there when you bxitrunner a system which goes from free-spool to locked in two turns, but thats just me.


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Some of the forums are hidden from non-members. The other thing to consider is the handle – the power knob on the Thunnus is definitely a more preferable design ergonomically than the standard handle on the LC. I wasn’t bothered about the weight issue to be honest MARTINH for that reason it was the body size compared to most they are big beasts If you try quoting this post in reply you’ll see the difference between the two links that are exactly the same bar the displayed text. Was it the Ultegra XTC you got?

Before I start this review I’d firstly like to point out that I am not connected with Shimano, secondly I would also like to state that I am in no way back tracking on my review and opinions on both the Diawa Crosscast S and X series reels. I just don’t think the mediums will get me much more distance than my ultegra xtbs and am looking for the next step up for 3.

Shikano so for the Thunnus though, my mates is well looked after – its about 5g lighter than the LC I think they are g vs g and little different in the ‘smoothness’ during wind – though I’d shimanno the Thunnus has the edge.

Gallery Barbel Catches River Scenes. There was a pretty solid conclusion that a slightly smaller spool can be more beneficial for fishing at range. Spooled up with 12IB line the reel weights 1IB 7.