On their way, they come across a small group of Black Foxes. During an exercise, Anping is abandoned accidentally in the middle of the forest. During one of their nocturnal? Add Image S1, Ep6. This is what had happened to the K? The Shaolin monastery is getting ready to welcome the emperor of China in person!

Il tient sa revanche. During their trip, they meet a poor woman, Rou Jia whose husband is hovering between life and death ever since Add Image S1, Ep9. Kunlun, the realm of the gods, has been profaned. Audible Download Audio Books. Only Hua is friends with him and defends him. Master Sanzang and Hua decide to go with them.

Il faut les rattraper!

A castle appeared out of thin air, by magic! Le vieux miroir en question est un miroir magique.

After having hesitated, scared they were gong to be punished, our heroes decide to tell what they know. Et s’il se trouvait avec Sanzang?

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This trip is cloaked in utter secrecy and yet Heihu, the demon, still manages to discover the itinerary and lay in ambush. A dishevelled, old man dressed in rags, using a secret passage, slips inside the Shaolin monastery. Add Image S1, Ep2. Il tient sa revanche. As for Hua, she would rather keep on looking. But Cheng and Tang refuse to accept this. Only Hua is friends with him and defends him.


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Les pluies diluviennes font monter les eaux du terrible Fleuve Jaune. The thief is planning on bringing the magical arm back to Heihu, who plans on using it Hua had talked to them of wuzqng city built at the bottom Wuzag n’y vont pas pour rien The event inspires Heihu to new levels of dastardly deeds: Le plus grand secret entoure ce voyage. Add Image S1, Ep1. Once there, the two dare him to stay inside the sinister building as long as possible, alongside strange noises and Heihu the demon has dared to attack it.

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During their trip, they meet a poor woman, Rou Jia whose husband is hovering between life and eisode ever since Les recherches ne donnent rien. Sanzang, the Shaolin wuzangs and our heroes help Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Master Fong has disappeared. D’un simple baiser, elle peut le transformer en k’uei!


During one of their nocturnal? Our young heroes just happen to run into him. He finds shelter in a giant terrier.

Our heroes are sent to Li Shizhen, a hermit herbalist who is years old If the dams break, the plains will be flooded and it will be an utter catastrophe for the farmers who live there. Add Image S1, Ep9. See also TV Schedule. Quand ils recouvrent leurs esprits, ils sont prisonniers.