Name Abayneh Workneh Comment I love sew le sew episode drama. He is a real Genius. Now you just postponed sew le sew for the 3 row. Hough Adoption Video 4 years ago. Name ayalisew tessema Comment you all are unbelievable brilliant Ethiopian News in Amharic – Tuesday, April 13, 6 years ago.

Please show the rest drama and done with it. Like Sosi and her two lovers story sometimes takes more than 20 minutes of the drama. Name Abayneh Workneh Comment I love sew le sew episode drama. I guess the administer of this website should also be the owner of the drama. Beleto 4 years ago. Actually i liked the Drama specially that they show some of the Ethiopian Culture hence i was checking the possibility of adding English Subtitle to the Drama Series i am annoying my friend while she watch the Drama cause am always ask her what they are saying

So in my opinion you guys need to give a special attention on this before you epjsode your viewers. One thing I am always thinking is to do some research on its effect on the audience.

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To make this happen you have to be born as talented as him. Name Mekdes Fantahun Comment My god l love this drama! Also it is not a bad idea to come up with new story lines to catch the audience sewlese the way.

The other sites are taking just 3 minutes to upload when ETV finished streaming.

Currently, the company is producing a new television series drama ZEMEN and created its own website www. That is bad professionalism: This week I could not see part on your website and also on any other websites.

Skip to dramz Search for: Please just try to end it up in a very episkde way as you started it two years ago. Name sosena kebede Comment why the sew le sew drama after part stop and taking time to see the next part. Please show the rest drama and done with it.


ይህን ይጫኑ!!!

Name galuma sojato Comment i love mulualem so so much. He is a real Pagt. Latest Haabultuu Dubbin 5 years ago. Name Tsigereda Alemu Comment I love this drama soooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! Beleto 4 years ago. But now I am kind of getting bored to watch too much details about everything.

SewLeSew TV Drama

Tensae Radio Sept 18 P9 9 months ago. To be honest with you I love to watch this dramait is not because there are lots of famous artistyou just have to believe when best drama is best. I guess the administer of this website should also be the owner of the drama. Name Mahalebesh Kebede Comment I really appreciate your talent, and wisdom, I am sure your message reach your audience. I understand you need to air it as long as you can to stay in the business sponsorship etc. Name Huyyae Jack Comment To upload one serious it will take 3 days?

Sew Le Sew – Part 86 : Ethiopian Drama

The bad, the good and everything in between. Name bety Lemma Comment This time I want to say something about the writer. The Sexson Africa 5 years ago. It is getting boring!! Amharic Film With English Captions: It has now reached to its limit and I suggest to wrap it up as soon as possible.

It is possible to collect data online as well as on paper from large audience. Mekelawit Kassahun 5 years ago. Neway Debebe Yebelay Bwasihun Hunegnaw 4 years ago.

First of all I would like to express my appreciation for you.


AEUP 6 years ago. It shows us the overall aspects seslesew our day to day life. However, if that is what you want todo, please come up with fast moving scenes full of new events.

44 it’s funny that every single week each episode won’t be uploaded on time, even other websites already streamed it. Name Belete Asress Comment Teachable drama comprising message that touch heart and click mind. My grand suggestion is anyways to wrap it up. Welafen Drama Season 4 Part Name yeshitla amare Comment betam nawe yha dram dasse yamilawe nger gene endawe ethiopian television agency gene telek dankafa lehonbat endla yesamagnal mekniatum ba 8 week leyalek yamichel drama aydelemena tarickum libalash yechelal tolo lamacharase seybal, mottttte la E.

Please make this drama remembered and contribute to the academic and development communication even after it was finished. The company has created more than a hundred programs for an extraordinarily diverse clientele, including major Broadcasting Corporation, nonprofit organizations, private companies, advertising and public relations agencies, and many others in Ethiopia.

Name Mike Dagne Comment Sew lesew was amazing for quiete sometime. Name yeneneh mamo Comment I watch Sew le sew every week and i am very thankful that you publish the episodes on this web page.

Life Show 5 years ago. Name mimi dilla Comment I have been watching sew le sew over a year.

Gedamu Yezina Negash New 4 years ago.