Aware that she is a burden to the family, Oshin cannot bring herself to tell anyone that she is pregnant. But with the loss of her income, the household comes to the brink of starvation before Ryuzo realises that he cannot let his pride get in the way of supporting his family. In Japan, many references to Oshin were made when describing perseverance in the s. Due to the military propaganda during this time period, Yu begins to side with the military and support the Sino-Japanese Wars. Watching Oshin scrabble on the floor picking up money and crockery , and fending off the advances of drunken customers, Kota becomes increasingly worried. Ryuzo writes to Oshin and sends her some money. Insisting that they take the matter outside, the yakuza are surprised when Oshin gives the formal yakuza greeting of Ken’s house in Tokyo. Kota arranges for Oshin to stay with his aunt in Ise and sell fish instead.

This page was last edited on 8 December , at Ryuzo reveals that Oshin is pregnant and that she must therefore stay with the family. Her boss was a timber trader, and despite the physical and verbal abuse from the chief servant at his household, Oshin insisted on enduring it for the sake of her family. To supplement the family income, Oshin decides to return to work for Isho with Ryuzo’s reluctant approval as married women did not usually work. She believes in marrying the man she loves. Haru warns Oshin that the agent touting the job had previously conned her fellow textile workers into prostitution. However, Oshin then discovers that she is pregnant. She and her parents had come to Tokyo but her mother fell ill after her father died, so Kayo had sold herself into prostitution to pay for her mother’s medical bills.

Now that her duty is done, she informs the family that she will be leaving for Tokyo. Oshin writes to Saga to update Ryuzo’s parents on his whereabouts.

Inseven-year-old Oshin is sent off by her father to work as a babysitter to support her family. Ryuzo gets involved with the military to raise more money along with the fish shop, something Oshin opposes but relents when she puts his interests at heart and decided that they need the financial support.


This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat It was one of the country’s most watched serials of all time and has aired in 68 other countries, with subtitles ranging from English to Arabic. Khomeini regarded that report as an insult to Fatimah and according to his interpretation of the Islamic Jurisprudence the punishment of such an act was death.

She is told that Kayo had not returned home and was somewhere in Tokyo.

Ken is related to her parents — tenant farmers who had a bad harvest this year and had no other choice but to try to sell their daughter for 50 yen. However Kiyo is furious and refuses to let her take Yu with her.

However, Oshin declines the offer, mentioning that she knows the way, and walks to Yamagata on her own. The family search all day and night for Nozomi, and a devastated Oshin ends up at Kayo’s grave, where she finds Nozomi.

But Oshin receives a barrage jzponesa criticism from Ryuzo’s mother Kiyo, who blames her for all the disasters that have befallen Ryuzo, including Genji’s death. All seems well until one day a woman bursts into Oshin’s house when Ken is there.

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While visiting, Hirano reveals the poor working conditions at the textile mill and his failure to improve the workers’ welfare ja;onesa fear of losing his job. He promises to go back to school, and Oshin tells him again that the whole family sees him as one of them.

Due to his agitation work, Kota was not usually around. But the match falls through because of Oshin’s secret love for Kota.

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This was supposedly her rebound from Yu. Kayo’s mother is unhappy with the attention Oshin receives, feeling that it is socially out of place for a servant.

However, when she is unjustly accused by the family of stealing money, she runs away, and for days suffers through blizzards as she walks back home to be with her mother, nearly freezing to death.


For other uses, see Oshin disambiguation. After a confrontation during which Ryuzo makes clear his bitterness, Oshin realises that her working to supporting the family had wounded his pride.

Kiyo informs them that they will have to work the fields to earn their keep – the very life that Oshin thought she had escaped when she left home. But when Ryuzo and Oshin realise that Hatsuko would in fact prefer to stay, japoonesa joyfully welcome her to the family.

Oshin enjoyed popularity when broadcast in Ooshin countries. Her family is in a frenzy, not knowing where she disappeared to.

Oshin visits the Kagayas in time to bid the madam a final farewell. Oshin says she will meet him there so that he can see Nozomi but he tells her not in case he is followed by the police.

The next morning, Oshin waits for him at the grave with Nozomi and Hitoshi, but when Kota arrives he is captured by the special police who serle him of planning to escape to Moscow.

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Kiyo says that Oshin must have been lying to Kota to make herself look good. As Ryuzo and Oshin have no money, they are unable to purchase even simple items like soap, needles and thread. Now a prostitute, a broken and dissipated Kayo reveals that Masao had gambled Kagaya’s entire fortune away on rice derivatives that went awry. In the meantime it is better that she continues to work in Sakata rather than suffering in Saga.

He points out that if Ryuzo does not like running an eatery, things could be difficult if he were to come to Sakata.