I am telling you that Mahir had agreed with him to get him out of the solitary confinement. And I am sure that you are not just sitting around with your hands tied up. I want to see the prisoner Turgut Akin. You are alone from now on. Do we offer him what you have proposed? Just do what I told you right away. I think he will get it in the morning. I understand how you get upset about every minute when Nazif baba is away from you.

And I do not think the judge from the Supreme Court knows either. The person did not say, but he is a man. The jail’s manager order is final. I will send it to you now. Maybe the man is afraid. Only by justice can differentiate between the oppressor and the oppressed, innocent and guilty.

I still did not understand why Turgut gave the only evidence that will burn him. He said it will not be revealed right away, and that we need to know if it is the truth or a lie. Is it conceivable to read my pain comparing to your pain Feride? Paste this in your document somewhere closest to the closing body tag is preferable: There’s no need to worry.

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If I say to you bring him, you will bring him. Not that I really know when you come back home in the evening anymore. Turgut will give his confession and will explain the whole truth. Getting that dishonourable man out of prison is not something I like either. A voice inside of me says that nothing will come out of Turgut. You have misled justice.


Episods I resign, I will then have a chance to become a lawyer, you know that. You are protecting these smugglers and we are searching for them. I do not know, maybe you can be the cause to save an innocent person for example.

This is great and all Feride, but how did Mahir manage to reach to this evidence? Everything is for father Nazif. It was changed later. You are alone from now on.

How will this happen? The person did not say, but he is a man. She fights for justice with all her karadayk, among all those men. But I would not go so far as to try to put my children at odds with each other.

Do it for me, my sister. I will come with you instead of you leaving empty-handed. Send a person to take the blame of the crime. At the same time we need Turgut to confess of serialk he did. They will go to the prison, and Mahir is there.

They found out about everything. That evidence seriaki you hid until this time so that we cannot find it? Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 3 Edit Subtitles.

What is it to you, man?! There is no obstacle left anymore in you continuing as a judge. I tried to find out your whereabouts, but I was not successful. Just episoode you are a policeman. Should I inform him? Leave Turgut to die at the rope. Serra walks in the office and sees Nazif holding the murder weapon.


What purpose could I possibly have? This is not normal evidence. Believe me, I will be the last person you see before you go to the rope. It was my mission. Reveal the name of the person who is in charge of this organisation. Melih came and said that you were still together.

You just say come and if my hands are covered in blood, I will still come. I will meet him and come back immediately.

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Besides, he especifically said that he believes that Nazif baba is innocent. It is the freedom of Nazif baba at the same time. But we are talking about evidence that will prove that he is the killer. The only thing that we have wanted up until now is for justice to be served. I do not know whose quarrel and for whose account he became a tool.

Do you think that I will live if they hang my father before my eyes?