Nanay Flor loses the case, and to her disappointment her youngest son, Jerome Dan Alvaro testifies against her. ZeppScape Blog Stats 11, hits Search for: The theater pulses with activity, much of it illicit, and the meaning of the film’s title is soon revealed: The sex scenes are furtive, unglamorous and abbreviated, an integral part of hardscrabble, impoverished lives in which every pleasure comes at a price. I’m not sure what director Brillante Mendoza was thinking. If only there was more of substance, then “Serbis” might have truly had something going.

Deep within the reservation she Alan Coco Martin runs away after feeling pressured by her pregnant girlfriend. Slice-of-life neorealism Running Time: She owns a small convenience store in a poor neighborhood of Manila where everybody likes her. Shown at the Cannes and New York film festivals, Serbis is actually less confrontational than Mendoza’s previous movie, Slingshot , which was set in a Filipino shantytown. Instead, the filmmaker seeks to capture the sense and spirit of life in his homeland’s poorest, most crowded environs.

January 29, 5: Daughter Nayda Joseher husband, Lando Diazand adopted daughter, Jewel manage the ticket booth and the canteen. Are the Family and the family really worth the heartache? But Flor Gina Pareno and her brood seebis present family entertainment. Given Mendoza’s reputation, I was completely disappointed. Alan Coco Martin finds a private moment between crises.

The processing gives the images too edgy a look at times. R 1h 27min DramaRomance 25 June Philippines. Serbis Specialty audiences may appreciate this downbeat Filipino drama about an impoverished family trying to hold it together while running a porn theatre, but its unvarnished sex scenes won’t play for mainstream tastes. Taken Is A Near Miss. There’s little else to latch on to.

Inspite their size, most of our men are womanizers or at least guilty of cheating their partners at some point. The dysfunctional family falls apart much like their old theater, which they try to keep afloat. Where the Pinedas once owned a modest chain of three cinemas, they’re now down to one, the oh-so-ironically named Family, which barely pays for itself.


When Iliac’s father dies he must reconcile his job as a sex worker with the rest of his family. The lighting isn’t bad, but there is way too much street noise, and those who argue the whole production is exploitive and crude aren’t far off the mark, but the depiction sefbis a family isn’t without interest, though this has none of the poetry and mood of other films about the devolution of a synopiss. No my friends, this is not pornography or bomba film.

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Nanay Flor, who loses the case, feels betrayed not only by the court judge but also by her son who testified in favor of his father. Wynopsis Flor loses the case, and to her disappointment her youngest son, Synopdis Dan Alvaro testifies against her. One is the victim, the other is the suspect. Coco Martin as Alan. Which is going to fall apart first, the Family or the family?

It is a must-see film but personally, I am not thoroughly impressed. Story about director Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s parents who were both doctors, and director’s memories about growing up in the hospital environment. However, in my point of view, the nude scenes are merely desserts. Events happen on a “Wednesday the day for the novena to the Synopsls of Perpetual Help in October month-long feast of Our Lady of the Rosary “–I’m quoting from the distributor’s material.

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At another point a small white goat has escaped into the theater and appears just below the screen. The list goes on and on. Ronald as Kristofer King Dan Alvaro Be the first to contribute!


The ensemble cast was also very impressive in their uncanny degree of suppressing any screen inhibitions, be it about showing their skin, or acting as a credible, functioning family while immersing themselves into the decaying backdrop of a filthy ‘bold’ theater.

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His girlfriend Mercedes Cabral is pregnant and he doesn’t want synppsis marry her. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Daughter Nayda Jaclyn Josewho handles the day-to-day running of the theatre, wonders why she bothered to get a nursing degree and wishes she hadn’t been forced to marry Lando Julio Diaz because she was pregnant with their beloved, if bratty, son.

A Family’s Affairs, In A Venue Full Of Surprises

Brillante Mendoza as Brillante Ma. Syndromes and a Century Mendoza’s earlier film ‘Foster Child’ received an ovation at the previous Cannes festival. Pages Behind brown eyes.

Apr 10, Rating: Bigamy, unwanted pregnancy, possible incest and bothersome skin irritations are all part of their daily challenges, but the real “star” of the show is an enormous, moovie movie theater that doubles as family business and living space. Nevertheless, it was a good film to watch.