This movie did not receive any funding from the state, from the EU, from anyone, because it is not politically correct. At the beginning, through some cheap computerized effects, we may get an idea of what he is like, the general impression might be quite impressive but in the second half of the movie, the character goes totally pale. That would be the major point of criticism. Use the HTML below. The Scorzelli Staff has been carried by the last 3 Popes, among other ferula, not counting the other staffs. September Eleven boy30 download 0 Greek subtitle The.

Edit Storyline In the summer of , , warriors of the Ottoman Empire began the siege of Vienna. I sympathize with all the Polish reviewers who killed this movie. Historically, this portrayal takes innumerable liberties again but at least, it is Adamczyk’s interesting performance that viewers may enjoy from the artistic point of view, I mean. Use the HTML below. Sorry to say that but I think that I am not the only viewer who has that impression. Valerio Manfredi screenplay , Renzo Martinelli s Writer:

His performance, at least, leaves a certain idea of a ruler quite incapable of gathering the army but proud enough to refuse asking for help. He indeed has far more time on the screen. Phase 4 Films Company: September Eleven sub download.

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This movie is, how do they call them? A great battle with the most powerful heavy cavalry in the military history of septembre world the Polish heavy cavalry known as “husaria”interesting characters of king Sobieski and Marco D’Aviano, not to mention Leopold I, and Will the Oscars Still Rock You?


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What did you expect? The flashback to the youth itself with the alleged meeting with Kara Mustafa when both were boys is something that has no logical bases. September Eleven boy30 download 0 Greek subtitle The. Sorry, ain’t gonna happen. So if the King of Poland says he knows how to win this battle, let him explain it to us.

It would be unjust to start with yet another European.

If you remain united, you will win. I know nothing of strategies or plans of attack.

It’s like it’s taken out of a poorly designed computer game from the I just think they chose it for the beauty, but I recognized subhitles immediately, did any of you? Start your free trial. Seeptember deserved a lot, but an awful lot, better. A few years will pass and no one will be able to rescue such movies from oblivion If there is something positive or at least occurs to be promising, sooner or later, there turns up something that almost disqualifies the movie’s producers, director and crew.

On the whole – if you look for great battles in a englis, go and see the Rohan riders’ charges in The Lord of the Rings movies, if you look for great acting, choose any of the classics – but stay away from this horrible misunderstanding of a film.

Subtitles September Eleven (11 settembre |

My expectations were high – it’s such a filmy topic Where are his historic words he wrote to the pope after the battle paraphrasing Julius Caesar “Venimus, vidimus, Deus vicit” What sephember we get of Skolimowski’s portrayal of the king? So, my offering is a bit of trivia, an “oops” in the film. Language Set favourite s Login. I know, the movie is bad. In the summer of, warriors of the Ottoman Empire began the siege of Vienna.


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Edit Details Official Sites: The fall of the city would have opened the way to conquer Europe. Add the first question. Undeniably, saw the turning point for the western world and its identity. I am still waiting for a decent movie on the siege of Malta, but I know I’ll die without seeing it – so be it, one can’t have everything in this life.

The reconstruction of the Vienna of the time referred to as “Golden Apple” and the second, after Rome, greatest city of the continental Europe of the time at the siege resorts merely to computerized packed images of some church towers the ones of Minoritenkirche, Michaelerkirche and the copula of Karlskirche and some almost laughable images of buildings.

Leopoldo I Andrea Iaia