It is discernible from the statements made by panic-stricken political. Seethamalakshmi Episode 30th September Wednesday. Seethamalakshmi Episode 5th January Tuesday. It is to be realized that the demand for Telangana State is not a mere political slogan; it has an economic angle; it has socio-cultural and linguistic dimensions; it is blended with a feeling of self respect and the desire for self rule. Were they not experiments to safeguard the interests of Telangana within the integrated state of Andhra Pradesh? Seethamaalakshmi Episode 3rd June Wednesday. Consequently, seniors became juniors and vice versa – all to the disadvantage of senior judges hailing from the Telangana region. What should be the number of cards issued in a region?

Seethamaalakshmi Episode 1st April Wednesday. Seethamalakshmi Episode 12th January Tuesday. Due to the fact that these regions were never together under one kingdom and ruled by different kings and kingdoms, both the regions of Telangana and Andhra have developed distinctly different thoughts, experiences, languages, literature, culture and its overall identity. It is true that these two regions also are relatively backward. If the primary objective is to ensure the convenience of the people, how will a common man from Andhra come to the capital city, situated outside the territory of his own state? Therefore, the argument that the city of Hyderabad owes its premier position to the contribution of Andhra region is fallacious. Seethamalakshmi Episode 30th August Tuesday.

Seethamalakshmi Episode 18th July Monday.

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These violations included, among other, the diversion of the revenue surpluses of Telangana to meet the deficit of Andhra region. Seethamalakshmi Episode 31st May Tuesday.


With regard to the recruitment of staff, none from Telangana gets entry into the universities situated in the Andhra and Rayalaseema regions; whereas the gates of all such universities located in Hyderabad are open to everyone.

Seethamalakshmi Episode 29th October Thursday. Seethamalakshmi Episode 16th February Tuesday. There are no facilities for offices. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, the then Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra State, was more emphatic about the unsuitability of Kurnool as the capital of Andhra State and about his eagerness to move away out of it.

The socio-cultural identity of Telangana, its traditions, customs, dialect and idiom are always heckled at, hurting the self respect of the people. The Songs sung by Jagjit Singh remain immortal in the minds of the Listen online and download popular Ghazals and songs of Jagjit singh on kangsimeba. The main reason for the prevalence of low literary rate in Telangana is the result of uneven distribution of educational facilities in different regions of the State.

They include real estate brokers, big business mafia and the sharks of corporate houses. The condition stipulated in the Gentlemens Agreement was essentially related to the Revenue Income and Revenue Expenditure and the resultant Revenue Surplus or Deficit.

Seethamalakshmi Episode 22nd February Monday. Seethamalakshmi Episode 2nd June Thursday. The bureaucracy also is a divided lot.

The epissode taken by the Samajwadi Party is not known. I hope they will receive the due attention of the Committee.

No less a person than Dr. Seethamalakshmi Episode 12th November Thursday. A Historical PerspectiveThe people of Telangana are once again restive, reiterating their demand for a separate state.

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And the reason for their resistance now to continue in the existing set up is the seethamahalaxji experience of exploitation, neglect and injustice. Seethamaalakshmi Episode 9th September Wednesday. Chandrababu Naidu twice and Y.


Thirty experts, appointed by Andhra Pradesh Sahithya Academy, did immense research and proved with all facts that Pothana belonged to Warangal district only. Seethamalakshmi Episode 25th September Friday. It is the common knowledge that a substantial part of these receipts was spent, and also is being spent on the development projects in the other regions.

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Seethamalakshmi Episode 3rd June Friday. In the Andhra State there in no proper place to locate even district level offices; where is the question of finding place for locating offices for the capital city of the state?

Seethamaalakshmi Episode 17th April Friday. This policy is being pursued silently but effectively in a phased manner.

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Seethamaalakshmi Episode 1st January Thursday. Seethamaalakshmi Episode 28th January Wednesday. Seethamalakshmi Episode 27th August Saturday. Seethamalakshmi Episode 2nd February Tuesday. Seethamalakshmi Episode 7th October Wednesday.

Arijit Singh is an Indian musician, singer, composer, music producer, recordist and music programmer. While Andhra cultural and literary organizations are funded indiscriminately, when it comes to Telangana organizations, government always refused to offer the right share of funds. Seethamalakshmi Episode 21st April Seethamahalwxmi.