Kimmiecv onward we go: With the right shot the whole tower will fall and the middle with the big pig. Not sure if this will help. Middle and lowest are flying below the horizontal stone block, taking care of the pigs and the presents. I tried it with ever so slight modifications each time, and each and every time I failed to get just enough points to get 3 stars. Always or most always leaves a screenshot of his top score as he did here, 2 years ago. I get only 63k..

The second shot is a breeze: Thank you cjcp for the alternate strat, and e-star for the video, that showed the placement and timing for each bird. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. Well, the first shot involves sending little red through the snow blocks holding up the two staggered concrete blocks over the head of the first pig on the left. The only levels the glitches are very effective are , , Kathy when you get here be ready to put on your patience gear! As always you kicked piggie butt! Going over some poor seasonal scores I can concur that anton score is legit.

Why can I not make it.

Angry Birds Seasons: Christmas 3 Star Walkthrough Level 1-19

Alternative strategy, above avg but not stellar, greevings pretty simple to hit and repeatable. Made a huge difference in my score! In a certain area of the bird you just can click the mouse and the fling with the bird moves as if it were drawn.


Not sure if this will help.

Darn Kimmiecv I did it perfectly. BUT, I did increase my score by almost 1, points with a two-birder! I posted a screenshot as proof in my comment on Aug 7 Thanks for seawons my score, and also thanks to kathy for your assistance.

Well because You had the trophy Karen I remembered your comment from when I was myself trying to get the score addict on Seasons Greedings without the santa hat glitch.

Nothing seasonns on my end either Kathysorry my notification is really slow tonight.

D Cc knichy Estar video is the way to go, although thanks for the alternate down below: When you do it the TNT kills the right two pigs and some extra blocks. I have been stuck on this for days.

sephirosuy – Life is RPG: Angry Birds Season’s Greetings 3 stars video guide (Xmas)

Just make sure you get the blocks below the presents to get enough points! I have improved greatly, just not as lucky yet! This is the way to do it!

There is also a distinct change in background color from blue to blue-green if you look closely. WooHoo Kimmiecv One more then clean up and Done!!! Just wondering, how is it even remotely possible to achive a highscore of over in this level?

The trajectory should tend towards the flat side, as what you want to do is take out the snow blocks in such a that your red bird nearly scrapes the underside of the blocks.


The video really helped!! I am trying to accomplish the Score Addict for Season Greedings which is 2, I have dtars on my old iPad and play the level right now.

It takes out the 3 upper blocks and often the entire left tower and pig, leaving an open shot to the right tower for 1- bluebirds. Lol bernersennbelieve it or not your post helped haha! This is indeed a level that has got easier. I notice a score that high was previously removed and wonder if something changed to make it possible.

Angry Birds Seasons Seasons Greedings All levels – Видео Dailymotion

Both greedinhs these ways left few enough blocks where the second bird could make it through for me. I am so stuck on this.

The whole Christmas theme is just so wonderful, I hope the theme song will soon be available for download greedinfs a ring tone…I love Angry Birds: Used e-star method to get top score. Launch the Blue bird slightly higher, splitting as late as possible so it causes the last two stones to fall. All pigs on the left side should pop, and the TNT should fall onto the present below.