For now, Lizzie is doing whatever she can to regain control over this rogue Republican President who is appointing Democrats to offices like Attorney General, and daring to fight the NRA who essentially put him in office for his first term. Nad Rating A- Share this: Mellie needs something to do, badly, a coping mechanism for her loss. There were the occasional moments during “Inside the Bubble” that I sucked through my teeth and murmured, “Scandal Published by Nadim Safieddine. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! But Catherine was my client, so ethically… Abby: This case gets too dirty for Olivia who knew that was possible and she decides that OPA should drop Katherine as a client. Fitzgerald Grant Portia de Rossi Re-entry is always hard. David Rosen Bellamy Young Nadim studied Filmmaking in New York and has worked as a copywriter for seven years. Reviews Movie Clips Interviews.

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View bubgle posts by Nadim Safieddine. BTW I want to think there’s going to be a twist down the line revealing that Cyrus knew along about what Michael is up to and intends to use him against who he is really working for. Very well then, two. So far I have been unimpressed with Season 4. But let’s not underestimate Cy, he’s known to bounce back out of bed with both guns drawn.

Olivia’s grey tweed coat on Scandal

Cyrus has been completely distracted by Michael, his business school prostitute, who is actually an agent for Lizzie of course, Scandal being Scandalalliances could change at any moment. In this ep, I love Jake.

Tags Tv Tv Recaps Scandal. Totally had to tell her that the Robinson twins Snapchatted me their abs. I love a good bombshell, but Scandal was starting to drown in them while losing sight of its characters in the process.


In this moment, Jake basically implied that Olivia is nothing but a booty call to him and I hate it. But Catherine was my client, so ethically… Abby: I rooted for Quinn when she made her speech because she had a valid point and, like you, I hope the conflict between Jake and Olivia’s father does end with both their deaths and the swift, permanent closure of the whole B storyline. I felt a bit sorry for Abby this episode.

Edit Storyline An old friend returns for help after her daughter goes missing, Cyrus has an awkward run in during a business breakfast, and Jake uses his connections to get some answers. The only person carrying the season so far, is Mellie.

Yes No Report this. Catherine is arrested for the murder of her daughter.

Gun lobbyist badge ever come off? Have a great day. I need to time my drop-offs better. I am over him. They’ll be in high school before we know it.

It’s like she had a case of temporary amnesia or was blinded by her desperation for company. He tells him to leave D.

Scandal S4, Ep. 3; Inside The Bubble

Dale Matthew Del Negro You come back, you re-enter to find the world kept spinning without you. Yes, he got her name right at the end but at that time, he wanted Abby to give her information on Olivia which made the bonding moment between them feel a bit manipulative which I think Abby came to realize. Jake needs to be gone he is becoming an incredibly needy bore, maybe his death is what leads Liv to blow the whole thing wide open.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Without much luck with bubblr torture methods, Jake decided to strike a deal with Charlie. He both grounds and protect her. Rosen has become a bad man… he is drunk on the power of his B Kool-Aid, still winning, if he can call it that.


Published by Nadim Safieddine. But of course his pretext for their meeting was really just to ask about Olivia …. Give her some cold case files! Just shut your stubborn, old-man mouth up. Right after they find the sex tape, Kathryn calls Olivia from the morgue where they scandao her dead daughter who was scandla. A lot is missing from this season. And I go M. Reviews Movie Clips Interviews. Its not her business to tell her how to handle the situation after all.

Both are finding their footing, and in a best case scenario, they may even become allies.

Scandal S4, Ep. 3; Inside The Bubble – the. madam-editor

As unbelievable as this may seem, it’s the first time in forever that I was rooting for Quinn! Her dedication to solving the Killer Cliff Bride case through immaculate research and a presentation was perfect. Mellie needs something to do, badly, a coping mechanism for her loss. With OPA scattered to the wind and the President about 403 become a lame duck, priorities may become repositioned or reconsidered.

The irritating technical element of the camera flashing noise between scene transitions is enough to drive you insane. I have it covered. Much like Mellie, Abby has been spectacular this season — a fact that was made even more prominent this week. David Rosen Bellamy Young Cyrus Beene Joshua Malina