She says she does not know and these words have no meaning. Muskaan is astonished when her grandmother enters the room and questions her about the new clothes that she has purchased. Vasundhara meets Bhairavi and is surprised to see that she is happy about Muskaan rejecting Samarth’s marriage proposal. She says she needs to talk to him. Muskan slaps Kavya and asks how dare she is to hug her husband, she wants to snatch her husband. Sambhav resorts to stealing from his own house as he falls short of money. She wakes up hearing door knock and opens door.

Later, Muskaan once again tries to speak to Samarth and calls him up but he does not show any interest in speaking to her. He scolds her and asks to sit on the sofa until he returns. Kavya is shocked when her new boss gives her the role of the Managing Director’s personal assistant. While hiding from Sambhav, Muskaan crashes into Samarth and he falls in love with her. Samarth asks to stop her drama and asks how can she betray him being a sister. Muskaan by now speaks to Sambhav and gives him three day’s time to prove himself and agrees to leave Samarth for him. Inspector comes and congratulates Bhairavi that she got a baby boy. Samarth says she is his wife Priya and not Muskan and goes into flashback where he gets busy in his work and Bhairavi warns him to concentrate on Priya, else someone else will enter her life.

Sign in Recover your password. Muskan says Samarth is innocent and says she should go back home.


She runs from there. Sambhav is forced to hide inside the washroom when Samarth knocks on the door. Kuhu, Kavya and Muskaan live with their grandmother. She asks again to get out, else he will be in trouble.


Bhagya Lakshmi 24th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She says she does not know and these words have no meaning. Samarth orders Kavya to clean the floor and the house first and then serve food to the guests with the other servants. Sambhav reaches Kavya’s room and shows her the documents which state that he is now the owner of his mother’s wealth.

Sambhav’s mother asks Samarth to prepare for a meeting with a girl who would be home to discuss marriage. Samarth asks to stop her drama and asks how can she betray him being a sister.

They walk towards her laughing. She says police and they turn.

She says if he did not hear astrologer telling that Muskan will bring bad luck for Samarth. Sign in Recover your password. Bhairavi says he cannot prove anything and now she will allege that he and Kavya tried to kill Muskan.

The story revolves around three sisters, Kuhu, Kavya and Muskaan, who live with their grandmother. Kavya offers to open the lid of the box but she finds it difficult to open it.

SauBhagyalaxmi – Wikipedia

Kavya tells Muskan if she really thinks Samarth is behind her kidnap. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – February 1, – Full Episode. Muskaan is introduced to all of Sambhav’s friends and swubhagya thrilled when she meets the CEO of a populor fashion magazine.

Muskaan meanwhile, leaves to celebrate her birthday with Sambhav. Will Muskaan leave the marriage and escape with Sambhav? Watch Saoubhaghyalakshmi to know if Kavya will eipsodes to reach home on time. Samarth removes the gold chain he is wearing and hands it over to Bhairavi. He comes out of flashback and says he killed Priya and Muskan resembles her face but is completely different in character.

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Muskaan panics when Sambhav mentions about saubhagga home. Kavya says she will ask Samarth directly. And show 1 week me end hona hai or itna kuch sach bahar aana hai kaise hoga??? Kavya calls Daadi and asks if she and Kuhu reached home safely. Muskaan excitedly informs her that she has convinced Samarth to accept her proposal. Sambhav warns Muskan that she will repay for her deeds and walks out.


Kavya thanks Sambhav for saving her and Samarth on time and says he is good at heart. He says he did not expect this from her. Moments later, the owner of the house asks Vasundhara for the rent and she is unable to pay the entire amount. Sambhav enters Muskaan’s room and she is shocked to see him there. Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited.

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He tries to slap again. Or will Samarth once again take her side? She promised her parents to take care of her, but she is not letting her in peace. She agrees to give him one final chance to prove himself to her. Bhairavi orders Shrainik to kill Kavya now. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 19, – Full Episode.

At first, Kavya says no but after her grandma says that she will accept her if she marries Serizl, she says yes. The management sees a drastic change in Kavya’s office and she has a new boss. Bhairavi cries how can she when Muskan snatched her brother from her and made her criminal in her own house.

Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 15, – Full Episode. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 5, – Full Episode.