Samarth removes the gold chain he is wearing and hands it over to Bhairavi. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 25, – Full Episode. Poonam on the other hand decides to do the job only if her father agrees to it and after a bit of convincing, he too agrees. Mansa gives Kavya a pouch that contains several gold chains. Avni on the other hand is hoping to get selected for a job after doing her engineering and all except a few in her family seem to be completely unaware of it. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 22 – March 31, – Full Episode. Meanwhile, Varun is heartbroken when Surbhi informs him that she cannot marry him.

More Videos of Saubhaghyalakshmi. Will she recognize her? She later goes on to blame the family for Varun’s mannerless behaviour and finally asks them to get Varun and Surbhi married. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 25 – April 3, – Full Episode. However, Kavya continues to be positive and when she finds a boy on the road after an accident, she immediately stops another car to take him to the hospital. Bhoomi is upset that she will have to leave her job but when her brother calls her up, she seems more interested in the problems that he is facing with Surbhi. She decides to take matter into her hands from here on.

Kavya asks her boss for a day’s time to think over this new role. Bhairavi speaks to the driver and tries bhaghywlakshmi find out about Samarth’s mood.

More Videos of Saubhaghyalakshmi. How will Bhoomi’s family react to this sudden development?

Sambhav’s mother asks Samarth to prepare for a meeting with a girl who would be home to discuss marriage. Based in the contemporary times, the show Bhaghyalakshmi narrates the story of two families from Madhya Pradesh.

Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – February 4, – Full Episode.

Riya immediately lies and makes an excuse but this bhaghyaalakshmi disturbs Bhoomi further as she had never lied to her grandparents. The ‘pundit’ calculates the date after three days elisode be auspicious for the marriage. Riya on the other hand, accepts that she has his watch but at the same time, she refuses to return it to him as she was forced to lie to Bhoomi’s grandmother that the watch was hers.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 4 – March 5, – Full Episode.

She later learns about Varun’s problems with Surbhi. Samarth is forced to get out of his car and he is surprised when Muskaan agrees to accept his marriage proposal. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 12, – Full Episode.


Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 15 – March 20, – Full Episode. But this incident upsets Bhoomi’s father and he decides to bring Bhoomi back home. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 16 – March 23, – Full Episode. Muskaan finds it difficult choose regarding her marriage and seems confused if she should escape with Sambhav or settle with marrying Samarth.

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But the man begins to trouble her and Varun comes to her rescue. She expresses her disappointment regarding this hurried decision made by Riya and Saurabh but Ansh seems to support the love the two hold for each other. Mansa arrives at Vasundhara’s place with loads of gifts and they are forced to accept them all. Kavya, on the other hand, cannot help herself from thinking of Samarth. Bhoomi informs Ansh that her marriage has already been fixed and walks away from him.

How saau Bhoomi’s grandparents react when they find Wau in their room? While Avni and Vikram’s marriage is going on in full swing, Surbhi and Varun’s friendship grows further and they spend some time together Later, Vasundhara notices them standing in a corner separate from the other guests.

Vasundhara is hopeful that Muskaan is happy about her marriage but she remains unaware about Muskaan’s greed for Samarth’s wealth. She starts to panic but luckily for her, Ansh comes as a saviour and saves her grandmother. Next day, the Prajapati family arrives for the ‘sangeeth’ function at Avni’s house.

Murlimohan is extremely happy with Rajendar’s decision of letting Bhoomi go forward with her dream of doing a job and he decides to himself go along with Bhoomi to Indore for her job. She gets excited when he offers her to be the showstopper of an upcoming fashion show. They call their mother Shanti but just when she is about to reach Bhoomi’s room, Vijendar’s wife decides against waking Bhoomi.

Bhoomi is disheartened to know that her grandmother Shanthi is not interested in her job and she strictly warns her against doing a job in Indore. The story revolves around two families, the Prajapatis and Shuklas. Samarth refuses to speak to Muskaan and drives away.

He shouts at her and insults her in front of the clients. Ranjendar later tells his mother, Shanthi that she has ruined Bhoomi’s dreams but when Shanthi asks Bhoomi if she is happy with her decision, Bhoomi innocently nods her head to agree with her. Ansh on the other hand finally decided to reveal his live for Bhoomi to her. Meanwhile, their grandmother Shanthi tries to find out all she wants to know about Vasundhara through Avni and when she learns that there is an eligible bachelor at home, she tries her best to bring Bhoomi and Vasundhara face to face.


Badtameez Dil Episode – 22nd October | Drama episodes

Mansa accuses Sauu of stealing the gold chain and she checks her in front of all the guests. Will Vasundhara who is unaware of Bhoomi’s job, find out about it? Moments later, the house owner arrives and asks Vasundhara for rent.

Muskaan takes Kavya along with her and the two of them meet Samarth. Muskaan by now speaks to Sambhav and gives him three day’s time to prove himself and agrees to leave Samarth for him. She starts to consider Sambhav to be her shortcut to success and later she informs Kuhu that she has a new boyfriend. After, the presentation, Samarth asks her to take the day off and understands that he has diverted his anger upon Kavya. Rajendar and Vijendar miss Bhoomi and decide to speak to her in the middle of the night.

She starts to fight with Samarth but realizes that her cabin has been changed. The two of them immediately bond and have their lunch together. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 15, – Full Episode. Bhairavi is surprised to see Samarth with food all over his clothes.

Will Ansh’ entry into Bhoomi’s life solve all of her problems? Will Bhoomi manage to speak to her family about her new job? Finally Vasundhara Prajapati reaches Avni’s place and are given a warm welcome and a while later, Bhoomi too reaches her home but is forced to take a different entry into her home. She asks him to take her out at night so she can have some wine. Meanwhile, Anshuman feels bad when he learns that his marriage has been fixed by his ‘badi mummy’.

She later complains about Surbhi to her family and also adds that Surbhi has gone out of control.