Laxminandan hugs Danny and Kusum. Danny says there was lights near the bed so it caught fire. Kumud and Saras smile. He says we are still happy. Danny says the fuse blew off, I called the electrician. Danny checks the fuse and sees the main off. Vidyachatur comes to him to talk to him. She looks around the decorations and says today Saras is yours, but this night will not be yours.

Everyone leave except Kumud. She says such was the situation when Danny has hold her hand, now Danny and Kusum are happy together. Sign in Recover your password. The doctor informs Kumud’s family that Laxminandan is out of danger. Vidyachatur tries to explain. She reminds him the day when he came to meet her for the first time, she saw his happiness on his face to make her his bahu. You see how I burn this infront of your eyes. Everyone showers flowers on the couple.

Kalika is happy and thinks one day everyone will epiwode to me. Sign in Recover your password. Danny says before Suhaagraat, the groom has to pay the tax to women. Everyone showers flowers on the couple.

Saraswatichandra 6th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Kusum says Kaka, Danny have told me many times that he wished his parents were with fu,l in his happiness. Kumud shows him a doll of her childhood and says look at this, this is my childhood doll, I forgot about it, but my dad kept it safely for me.


It has the pearl in its pendant. Saras does not look at his dad. Saras and Kumud are shocked to see fire on the bed. Dada ji says great Saras, you have given the pearl to Kumud in the mangalsutra, what should I decide.

She says I know you love him a lot, and his marriage is a big day for you. Kusum says but who closes the main. Will Balli Mrityunjay succeed in stopping Sia’s Tara marriage? Kusum says no worries, Kumud will be bringing lights in our house.

Saraswatichandra – 15th February 2014 : Ep 258

Everyone would be looking for me at home. Vidyachatur says its a long story, your son is gone. We try to take out febbruary from our work for our passion i.

Saras tells Kumud congrats for the marriage Mrs.

Vidyachatur says I will talk to Nandu. Saras says that old loneliness, I m experiencing again today. Stay tuned for all the breaking news in Hindi! Last updated Feb 8, Kusum does all the rituals. Saras finally smiles in the mandap.


6hh says this marriage was incomplete for me without you, I was in dilemma, you tell me what could I do. He holds her and she closes her eyes. He asks is anyone there at home. Lots of videos and lots more in the pipeline. Laxminandan comes to Saras and Saras turns.

He says no ways, we will watch cricket match. Aditya has lost faith in the institution of marriage and relationships because of his parents’ separation.

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Earlier, the epiode used to get Rs 87, crore, this amount is now raised to Rs 3,13, crore in the 14th Finance Commission: Danny asks for his share. Kumud asks Saras to talk to his dad. Vidyachatur says you forgot everything and came here. He says we are still happy. Kumud asks what are you doing, open the door else I will come inside. Saras asks Danny why is the lights off. Kumud and Saras come in the Mandap.