Tomblog Software engineer and mobile technology enthusiast. But since you’re already doing something, it is difficult to tell. But how on the remaining items? By http clings only connected flash. I have done it myself, but its not recomneded to mix and match files. Cnet seems to kill the link, ill post again here with the links:

What can be done? What I did was just create a new account called “Samba” purely for this purpose and then edit the registry so it does not come up in the startup logon screen. Views Read View source View history. This requires telnet enabled and is explained here Now you should see a list of applications which are installed on your USB-stick. When you try to search for channels – no result. After deactivate this mode press one time Blue key you can change channel and reset setting. Samsung TVs doing what we always wanted them to do.

I am not new here, I just haven’t used this site for a long time and forgot my old login.

SamyGO Extensions Pack

By http clings only connected flash. Roma35, put your binary and script until the pile, check them out along with d as the TV will be in a radius of accessibility extensiosn Why doesn’t Samsung do it properly??

It’s sad because some new features looks promising, but it is too buggy and unstable for me BTW, I installed it this way: More seems that someone in Service Menu poked.

Or am I misunderstanding something? No oscam on your TV, nomatter what firmware 2.

SamyGo Remote – Control your Samsung TV with Android

That is, the TV was visible from the internet on that port. You only need an USB keyboard. Or at least the latest one. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. The guys over at SamyGo [ http: It seems like it’s possible. File need be named ttt. I have the same Cafter wxtensions a universal memory stick, flash drive also needs stuck with a folder Network! Most of them probably extensiond Game category can be use only on TV with firmwares from year version number and older.


The latest firmware update from samsung seriee the possibility to load extensions like this. QuakeSamyGO Forum by onlyslon by arris Back to Samsung forum 8 total posts. In Extennsions page opens on 19 screens quote: Samsung please fix those small things. Now the remote control should work. So there we have it. Even the CIA seems to know and use your work: Hello, anyone has UA55hAR firmware or way to downgarde, currently its on latest firmware. Can use PuTTY at desktop with settings: But if you can not find – dig themselves.

What version you have now? The service menu has a protected ‘advanced’ submenu. You are posting a reply to: I had SamyGo on my D series. For example one can run a server application which receives remote signals through your LAN.

But It might be even better if will remove cropping from “Auto wide” mode.

SamyGO Extensions Pack – SamyGO

SamyGo extension is working perfectly even on my tv, drive map work really fine Xeries – stryny settings and languages. Technically nothing else need to be changed for this to work, but I just added my compters IP to make things faster when actually starting it up. Need to do to work fast to dlna or through mount network drives. Before touching any setting, please note the original value. Port of old platform game – Miner Willy.


You further acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible or liable, directly nor indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance serirs any such Content, site or resource. But I cannot seem to find the SammyGo all extions download. I do not understand. If you never touched OTN in service menu there is no reason to change anything now.

You might want to look other applications list too: Hey my cousin recently purchased this tv and SamyGo app is broken. I found one that is v0. Any way i can check the code of the panel or something? And so it turns samygk that we must always keep the flash drive stuck?


Sew earlier firmware can be. When you first start the application, the drive is mounted and the contents of the disc is shown in DVD catalog at pendrive.

Now a menu appears where you can run the application. And with flash and without: Over the weekend, try NFS server on your computer to run. In the “operating” not seen the old firmware. Language only thing I can aall – tell whence it rocked, and bring the link, maybe that tells Rvs2 quote: Do it on your own risk!