This is supported by Anderson who says that talking about humor is also talking about the surroundings [ 8 ]. You might also like: When Saipul Jamil was about to spend Monday—Thursday fasting, he attempted to rape a teenager and in the end, he was arrested. Nowadays, the society is still unable to balance the four language skills as a united synergy. Based on the data collected, most of the humor discourse contains perlocution speech action. Results Data 1 P1: Acknowledgement Authors would like to thank Sebelas Maret University for facilitated this research. Stygall, critical discourse analysis is used for both composition research and composition teaching [ 13 ].

Huckin T, Stygall B. There are many factors of a meme, including 1 disappointment, 2 hatred, and even 3 clumsiness or ignorance. The discontent of Sumpah Pemuda: Illocution is related to the value in its proportion. Gender and Other Nominal Characteristics. Get out of here!

Xu pointed out that in language usage, some content cannot directly be transmitted by words, but it is implied by what the speaker utters [ 1 ]. Although an individual who tells an inappropriate joke may signal confidence to the audience, the audience also receives a signal of ignorance. The use of social media can have both negative and positive impacts. Previously, TV personality Indra Bekti was reported by a year-old man on charges of sexual assault that allegedly took place in The use of language variation by changing the meaning of a context is one of the principles of humor.

Introduction The use of social media can have both negative and positive impacts. Journal of Literary Theory.

The changing content of Sumpah Pemuda was considered criminal because it shows disrespect to the history of Indonesia. But the man refuses because he believes that it will be haram. Those three strategic steps following Sudaryanto [ 7 ]. According to Norrick, competence in delivering humor must include knowing how to perform and how to receive and respond to humor and jokes, and this will encompass an account of timing for both the tellers and the recipients.


Utterances can have various characteristics, such as locution, which is what one says in a speech to state something. Introduction to the Special Issue: Linguistic research methodology can be interpreted as a working strategy based on particular plans. Conclusion In the context of humor, the language community understands instantly.

Roasting “Saipul Jamil – Musdalifah, Makassar (Stand Up Comedy Indosiar)

The research was divided into three strategic steps: The data were taken from social media and the technique used for analysis was a flow technique from the beginning up to the end concluding with a deductive technique.

In general, the speech strategies used in the context of humor in social media consist of speech, illocution, and perlocution as media to maintain diversity in the multicultural society of the Republic of Indonesia. Unfortunately, only a few people understand that language is not only an explicit analytical statement, but it also has implicit meaning. Comparing humor according to Norrick is a prevalent feature in many forms of interaction [ 5 ]. Police question 12 witnesses over fire in Muara Baru.

The humorous utterances taken as the samples were the data, which have characteristics according to the writer’s or creator’s will, which represent the population of social media users. In understanding the implicature, the speaker or creator of utterances should consider many things, such as whom he speaks with, where and when the words are spoken, etc.

The Sociolinguistic Analysis of Natural Language. Inappropriate and failed humor attempts display confidence but simultaneously signal low competence and lower status. Therefore, the strategy of decent humorous speech in communicating on social media can become a medium for maintaining the diversity of the multicultural society in the Republic of Indonesia. Ari Cahya Nugraha told reporters on Friday. In data 3 the first lyric contains swear words aimed at the reader.


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Pragmatik Teori dan Analisis. Any complete theory of humor must include its exploitation in, and effects on, interaction, taking into account such matters as gender, power, solidarity, politeness, and identity.

When Saipul Jamil was about to spend Monday—Thursday fasting, he attempted to rape a teenager and in the end, he was arrested. However, the criticism is expected to build a better government system. The analysis emphasizes the meaning in humorous utterances to describe a variety of language, contexts and implicatures, various functions and perceptions, and the core of humor textually or contextually.

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A good sense of humor can certainly be linked to a pragmatic principle that fits the context. It’s always better when the retreat of faith and mental are done together. The TV station for which Ipul was a panelist immediately removed him from the singing contest, saying the program would continue as usual without his presence. The context can be seen as a factor that constrains the speaker’s choices for producing or as one that constrains the listener’s or reader’s choices for interpreting. This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use and redistribution provided that the original author and source are credited.