It deiigned to dltpene i. After a trip to Boise Tuesday to support the bill proposed by Rep. The Pacific fronts moving Inland are decreasing In Intensity. Frank Kruger, all Twin Falls. Douglas was the next to last survivor out of 20 children. ThenewSaxOn”3″ plain paper copier. He returned briefly, finishing with 12 points before fouling out with 3:

As lobbyist for the Lost year there were lobbyists, who spent experts, and is listened to by most, even If not. Some of the complaints would have sounded familiar to — any p r a ct ici n g labor iawyar-lntheUnltcd States: Across-the-board property tax relief, ported the tax relief measure. Emmctt Smith, 3rd Ave. Yildizlarin porno videolari nasil bulunur. As for mutual funds, they all offer prototype IRA and’. Dahl, company president; division president James E.

Carter’s decision came after hundreds of farmers demonstrated for higher prices In front of the.

Carlson and Jaime Torrez, both Rupert: Afler live meellngi wllh the aty we requeued fott Uniting sageer per Slate law. Childless by choice Sunday. Since most Keogh Plan holders dose their business books on Dec, 31, the deadline Is usually April We have some real o ld epispde, beat- up. Trojan f orwa rd Cliff To coin -a. Saturday with a win over i d 1 1 the Bulldogs. With 24 counties still shut down In the state, most -of th-m-in the auriculturol losses.

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Bellwood has denied a motion for a new trial In the civil lawsuit ogolnst Gooding County commissioner Jim Wilkins over his eligibility to serve because of residence requirements The 005, also denied another motion by Gordon Nlelson Boise, special Gooding county prosecutor for the case, to disailowstatepaymentattorney’sIecsror-Wllklns, ” A hearing on both motions brought by Nlelson was conducted last week with the Judge toklngthc requests under advisement.


Special recognition was given to employees who had retired during Here one of the last of ramlafh legislators leaves the rotunda on his way out of the building. Even though people say they ore for local options, they often don’t wont them.

If you have ever been In need of a hot meal brought to your home, you will ap- preciate the genuine worth of this service. Kim iBamett, Gooding; and Mr. Services will be at 2 p. Winds should re- main light, pleasant weekend. Because C of I has a small student body.

Twin Falls’ U Tlmos-Nows.

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He said the man told him that Hughes wanted the en- velope delivered to Melvln Dummar at a gas station near a grocery store In Ogden, Utah, and said he should “make sure Melvin is there. Bellwood sold In his original decision that the changing of the county’s. Blllle Dean Jensen, Heyburn; 23 grandchil- dren and 14 great-grandchildren. N — old advertisement for a sign. Divorced about nine years ago, she is now asking for million In damages Schwartz said the doorman ” of ‘Ludwlg’s Filth Avenue building would not allow him to go to the billionaire’s apart- ment so he left a copy on the front door of the building and sent another copy cqse certified mall.


Rhodes said he has ap- pealed to U. It’s something you’ll try against good medlcaladvice. Attorney David Marston of TMlberg. He hopes to gain legislative support Dr.

Meridian reeled off eight stralgW joints. KJWiO Sunday, ; ”to.

Please recall that from tiny mites larger -amounts develop. Dahl, company president; division president James E. The Bears took a slight lead In the carly golng bufCamos County wrested the lead away at 1 and never was headed. Byrd told reporters one problem encountered In the tests was the onum lights needed or televising the debates would be “quite distracting.

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And unlike legislators, they never face the ‘ voters’ wroth. Roger ‘ Eson said Saturday evening. The Pacific fronts moving Inland are decreasing In Intensity. I’lcrtit Store Hours 9: Special tribute was paid to E. Alter what seemed like an etemlty, Mrs. It marked a return home of sorts for Meridian Coach Don Haynes who coached the Bruins for ihree years.