Vega does get teary-eyed after witnessing Hollow’s destruction, implying that there was a deeper connection between the two. Currently, it is unknown if it will ever air regularly on television, so the English air dates below refer only to the online airings on Toonami Jetstream. Instead of combining Japanese episodes 25 and 26, the next two episodes in order, Viz opted to fill 26’s time with ten minutes of recycled footage with narration by Geo Stelar. When Gemini Spark was a child, he was abandoned in space and found by Crown Thunder. His constellation is based on Cepheus. It is also revealed in the third game that Solo appears to be quite fond of video games as suggested when he calls Geo about his deleted saved game data and gets mad at Laplace for doing so. Throughout the game, Solo has saved Geo from a number of dangerous encounters, many of which Geo is oblivious to, though Solo mostly does so as an excuse for saying Geo was in his way. Because of this change, the impact of Kelvin’s disappearance is greatly diminished.

Kung-Foo Kid was the winning entry in a Japanese contest sponsored by Capcom. Technology has advanced rapidly since the age of the internet, leading to the creation of new and more efficient modes of transportation, as well as the construction of futuristic cities, all linked together by three satellites orbiting the Earth—Pegasus, Leo, and Dragon. Her designs for Mu revolve around restoring it and using its power to form the Neo Mu Empire. It’s comparable to the character BubbleMan from the series’s predecessor, MegaMan NT Warrior , who ended statements with “puku” in the Japanese version. They shared a bond through their control of lightning, and thus Crown Thunder raised him. However, Geo and Omega-Xis are completely absent.

The satellites accomplish this by maintaining a network of EM waves around the planet’s atmosphere, thereby powering the invisible EM Wave World. Sonia is constantly pressured by her money-starved manager, leading Lyra to manipulate her into transforming into Harp Note, Lyra Note rockmsn the English anime, and attack people throughout the city.

He doesn’t make an appearance in the anime.

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Pat does not make an appearance in the third game; the only explanation given is that he’s “gone,” and his empty seat at Echo Elementary is filled by Jack. In this game, Sonia seems more blatant about their relationship. Though Tom realized the truth in time, Cygnus took full control over the human’s body and escaped. Odyssey of the Celestial Ark Episide Blazers: Altair, who sometimes referred to her by the pet name of “Vegalita”, had to leave her in order to fight in a war.

Vogue’s appearance is that of a bunny in a hat. In terms of demeanor, Sonia is quite the opposite of Geo: From chapter 17 and on the story shifts to focus on characters and concepts from the second video-game.


To this end, she recruits Solo, the last living Murian, as well as giving UMA Unidentified Mystery Animal wave beings to individuals to carry out her bidding. He somewhat reluctantly joins Geo’s side in the struggle against Meteor G, and in the finale deletes Virgo and Corvus when they turn on their hosts and brings Ni and Queen Tia back to Earth. Apparently after beating his SP form, he gains near full control, with Rey only bursting out under stress.

The show has only ever aired once on television as a 2-hour faux -movie presentation—composed of heavily slimmed-down versions of Japanese episodes 1 through 16—on Cartoon Network. He is quite a dim witted student who depends on Luna to get him out of trouble or explaining things to him.

However, Geo proved more than a match for Solo when he gained the Berserk Sword.

Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links. Both words are Japanese onomatopoeias for the sound of a bursting bubble. Taurus subsequently targets Bud who desires the power to overcome the bullies. After Le Mu Ra Mu in the Japanese version is defeated, it is revealed that her primary reason for reviving Mu is so that she could use its power to bring her dead lover Altair the only person whom she ever formed a BrotherBand withback to life. She was a scientist from the Tanabata Kingdom whose research led to the creation of Matter Waves, materialized EM waves, but she disappeared after discovering Murian ruins.

His constellation is based on Cepheus. Even as “Ophiucus Queen”, Luna trieb had retained her crush on Mega Man, and in the fight with Mega Man, actually flirted with him more than attacking.

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Eventually, they succeed, but by using Star Force, Mega Man is able to sustain Andromeda and destroy the key. Meanwhile, Omega-Xis also knows the secret to the disappearance of Geo’s father in a catastrophic space accident months ago. Although like everyone else he was never able to figure that Geo was Mega Man, he did grow suspicious of Geo.

Laplace was either drawn to Solo’s loneliness, or the fact that he is the last Murian alive. He is the first FM-ian to be ultimately deleted by Gemini Spark in order to refill the real Andromeda Key with minus energy. They give Epixode a fake Andromeda key after the real was destroyed by Omega-Xis, telling Cancer that the one they gave him was real and keeping the real one for themselves and recreating the EM Wave Conversion System for the Episde.

Geo uses this newfound power to protect his friends and others from the invading FM-ians. Shooting Star Rockmana light-hearted story that appears to focus on two separate Mega Men. The second series follows the events of the second game focusing on the lost continent of Mu.

On March 29,Tribe concluded with 21 episodes, and its time-slot was replaced with A Penguin’s Troubles. The series is no longer being shown on Toonami Jetstream as the service is currently defunct.


But in order to reach Rogue, Zerker must first traverse an eight-story tower and battle Rogue’s underlings every step of the way, including Saurian and Ninja who are under the influence of Mu. Pat and Gemini then remain ryuuzei the scenes waiting for the FM-ians to gather enough minus energy for the Andromeda Key. Vega does get teary-eyed after witnessing Hollow’s destruction, implying that there was a deeper connection between the two. Each of its episodes are approximately ten minutes in length as the program episofe the thirty-minute segment Oha Coliseum with the Saru Getchu anime series.

When Gemini Spark was a child, he was abandoned in space and found by Crown Thunder.

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His original name is a play on “futagoza”, which is the Japanese name for the Gemini constellation. Prince of Darkness Cyber Team in Akihabara: Shogakukan manages computer-generated imagery. In the manga, Gemini Spark only has one embodiment that alternates between the darker, more aggressive Black B and the calmer, more mellow White W.

One noticeable oddity, however, exists in English episode In the anime, he is a cocky and determined third grade student who was saddened by his lack of friends, resulting in his encounter with Cancer who accidentally merged with Claud when he was trying to merge with the security guard throwing Claud out of Sonia Strumm’s concert.

He is registered under Project TC as No. Mega Man Star Force. He is the last descendant of the destroyed Mu continent, and is able to EM Wave Change without the aid of a wave being. Mega Man eventually beats Queen Ophiucus, but she tries to persuade Omega-Xis to hand over the key so they may use its power together.

At the mall, she observes Geo and Sonia while they attend a jungle exhibit, and tailed them out of jealously. After his death, Vega created a Matter Wave simulacrum of his soul, and placed it inside of a shell body. Also, Cygnus Wing is lacking his wings for unknown reasons. Thus, Tom is afraid to open up to others and have his work stolen, specifically his latest invention, the Flap Pack, a flying pack powered by EM waves. There, she explains she was following Vega’s orders to protect to which Geo replies how her betrayal did not protect him.

List of Mega Man Star Force episodes original series. He is then revealed to be the protector of the seal on Le Mu, and only pursued the OOPArts so that they could not be used to revive it.