I love Gwang Soo and Ji Hyo. At least it makes for some laughs as he runs across the hills, feathers floating into the air behind him. I felt the same way when Gary was set up to be a spy only that it was the Running Man’s task to act in a manner wherein he’d think he got them and not vice versa. Gummi, I’m particularly fond of this line: His VJ defends that he thought he saw a wild pig. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. How will this battle end? And Ji Jin Hee with the cotton flying from his back is an invaluable scene.

The colossus of clout! Song Jihyo is the ultimate Alpha. As of January , it still has the largest market share for its timeslot; roughly between 13 to 17 percent of Korean television viewers watch Infinite Challenge at 6: So as the final Running Man scours to find the last monitor, the lone killer works to turn them off. I get that Jae Suk is the main focal point of the show and he is deservedly the lead character as he is the one that keeps the show moving and speaks on behalf of all the members, so in a sense I understand him getting good spy roles time and time again, other members are clearly on equal footing so they should be given the same amount of advantages and disadvantages, I’m getting tired of seeing ji hyo being given advantages by either the PD’s or members themselves, I can’t even count how many times she begged KJK and Gary to let her go during name tag ripping games and they actually let her go, she ended up winning all those episodes. I love that she doesn’t hold back with her core mates. In Gary’s case, he’s either really slow to not even suspect why he’s not been suspected after every member was eliminated after being with him or he’s just playing along with the theme.

Sang-wook and Jin-hee corner Jae-suk when they hear his walkie-talkie sound, and Jae-suk is legitimately confused. And Ji jin Hee. The four killers emerge to hunt down the Running Man cast who are alerted at the sound goodrama the bells. Stardust January 24, at 8: Chun-hee, why you gotta break my heart?


See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

episide Your email address will not be published. Episode 6 by Helcat. I loved Ju Sang wook in this hehehehe I know him from Thorn birds and its great to see him so cheery in real life lol Yeah the last part was so funny recalling the Hong Kong Ep where Jaesuk and Haha had a fear of heights, so their ‘prize’ riding the helicopter was more like a punishment lol.

She is clearly overrated. The studio was replaced by a smaller room with no live audience where the progress of the marriages is discussed. Boy, are they ever going to eat? I really loved the guests in this episode. Jaesuk, Haha and Jongkook really form a great core for variety, as they have done since their X-Man days. I loved reliving the moments again! I know a lot of people like Running Man episodes with just the main cast and I do, toobut I also like episodes with guest stars because I like to see the fun side of these guests.

They turn to leave, but Gary warns that they might create an alliance…. Yeah this is why sometimes I think running man PD’s are very cruel and biased, they always give the best spy roles or main character roles to jae suk, ji hyo and jong kook, I definitely hated the episode with Gary as the spy, they made a complete fool out of him, same goes for suk jin and kwang soo, they were so happy to get the spy roles that my heart broke for them when they were made pawns to the uninteresting guests.

Running Man Ep 76 Eng Sub () Korean Kshow

Jae-suk gets worked up and Haha asks in reply if he should turn back time. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe When Jaesuk crept up to peek at the killers, and Haha yelled at him to run away, Runnibg don’t think it was to save Jaesuk, but to cause a distraction which worked, since Jinhee ran off too. There’s a next episode? And watching Jae-suk and HaHa in the helicopter at the end was hysterical.

I really wish these for guests could’ve stayed for one more episode. The problem is that none of them are particularly tech-savvy, and gooddraka are a vast number of computers in the building — how are they to track down the right ones? The sultan runninh swat! But, if he were legit a spy he’d perhaps just keel over from the sheer pressure Ani January 23, at 5: Superman Returns is also about the aid of an adult towards the young and feeble kids where they are prone to danger, exploitation and gooddramw.


It was hilarious, and such a gooddramaa from his smooth persona of last week. When Jae-suk comes to investigate the commotion, they shoo him away and he bolts, avoiding Jin-hee by a few seconds. Sang-wook with his laugh, Sung-soo the IU-fanboy the flower basket killed meand Jin-hee with his slow-motion running and the feathers flying. He closed of the exit by locking the door! The staff keep pouring out questions and the team keep shelling out wrong answers.

Did you really think they were going to be able to find that, RM staff?!

The Blue Team, however, observes this scene unfold from far off. Episodes by odilettante.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. The food looked so good. At least it makes for some laughs as he runs across the hills, feathers floating into the air behind him.

I was worried they only brought in the guests for this one episode. And then Chun-hee finds another one squeezed in between the gap of a rock wall. Our cast gets to work while one spy, Kwang-soo, purposefully inputs the wrong password without notice. I really admired jin hee for being so calm in turnig off all the monitor, on all three flour?! Before I forget, I would like to mention that I only watched it because I loved your recap.

I love how Jihyo eventually blew up at Sangwook. How you conveniently leave her out when in this episode she’s supposed to make a fool out of herself along with Kwangsoo but she somehow managed to avoid that? You can’t count how many times Jihyo’s begged?