That said, the great thing about the mini is how handy it is. Trigger Enhancement for Mini 14 and Mini Steel construction muzzle brake. I say it depends on how you’re shooting your Mini. Steve Share Share this post on Digg Del. I realize though that I might have to suck that one up to get anything good. Green Safety is ON. Generally, if you want 2 inch, consistent groups at yards then I would recommend a barrel strut or a barrel chop if it is the

Protection from the harmful battering encountered when the operating rod whacks the front of the receiver. It was a blast! Steel construction muzzle brake. So shoot closer than yards, or you may be off the paper I WAS. Weight 3 OZ Approximately. Inserts are constructed of impact resistant urethane, a material with good memory characteristics.

Need advice on Mini Flash Suppressor. Examples of above muzzle brakes installed below. Then any muzzle device for a AR will fit and can be changed out if you don’t like it. The Accustrut tightens up the groups.

Mini-14 582 muzzlebreaks

Out here the bitch got eyes. We can handle any factory replacement part work you are needing from firing pins to trigger components and more An exclusive design by: Court is for uptown people with suits, money, lawyers with three names. Mini 30 – Includes 7. Outer Case installed quieting Mode. I have a new Mini Ranch Rifle series that Seriess would like to put a flash suppressor on.


I didn’t think the buffer would affect the barrel. Ive done the trigger job, bedding, different gas bushings, scope, muzzle brake, and buffer to my Mini 14 and it will now shoot factory match ammo consistently under 2 inches at yards from the bench. Order RR Buy Now. Originally Posted by svk Find More Posts by dontpanic. She’s blind where the judge sits but she’s not blind out here. May have to file the front site a mite.

Need advice on Mini Flash Suppressor – Maryland Shooters

Serie here for Video Clip 4. Sounds like it will vary based on ammo, want to get that done soonest. All information is copyright by Perfectunion.

Front site covers a lot of the target. For those wanting to shoot prone and no dust imprint. Send a private message to jmiller I bought this a while ago duger don’t remember where I bought it. The time now is I didn’t know that would happen.

Weight 3 OZ Approximately. Trigger Enhancement for Mini 14 and Mini Next time I’ll be prepped to try the Red dot.

Order RS Buy Now. I also don’t need the possible accuracy advantage of it because I have satisfied my goals of what I want my rifle to accomplish. Order Number is for thru serial number prefixes and Tapered barrels made in late Two piece design use One Or Two for more recoil dampening.

Protection from the harmful battering encountered when the operating rod whacks the front of the receiver. Originally Posted by gorenut. We only need your barrel action if shipping. If you plan to mount a scope, you could just knock ruegr the front sight yourself and thread the barrel yourself with tools from CNC warrior- the Ranch rifles now come with integral scope mounts.


Closest look to the Factory hand guards. We have a great many customers using Mo-Rods on the newer version Mini’s, both for heat dissipation, and for an accessory mount platform bipod, light, laser, etc. Still need to order the gas block bushings Choate makes a flash hider with a front sight that pins on in place of your existing front sight.

Order F Buy Now. In return they started carrying the mini again, which is great. For a while not long ago they had a tactical model with the 18 inch barrel, not any more. At 50 yards, if I remember right, my shot group moved down and to the right a few inches. Send a private message to JHE Compare size to Factory Guide spring illustration A. October 8th, ,