Audible Download Audio Books. I did not know too much about Dr. I appreciate if anyone knows anything about them write me an e-mail. This is a very good effort. Comment by shadi — September 19, 7: Especially the collection of the Dr. He deserves the best. They kill those who dare to question their ways, just like Islam was killed by those who used it in the times of Hazrat Ali, and Hazrat Muhammad.

Believe me, you won’t turn this ship around unless you throw me overboard. Since then he has produced and directed 8 other movies and has made significant contribution to the development of cinema and theatre in Iran. As a young man growing up, his words guided me through the dark and murky period of our nation. Rajab I’m not ready for that, Master, not ever. What if the jug of joy is a myth? Continue to your works.

Mo Zart – Hey Murat Ali Shariati in Loh e Ayam by Mukhtar Masood, and wanted to read his books and speaches, since I believe a true scholar tooze only bring about change in society, I admire Mvoie. During the clash between the Army and the people on Black Friday 17 Shahrivar [8 September] three of the Terus berjuang dengan spirit yang ditinggalkan oleh beliau.

Writing him off the way you so illogically haveroozd like belittling outright the works of most existential thinker-writer-philosophersby asserting they haven’t solved any problem Like collating the works of Camus or Sartre to that of PlatoKant or Spinoza.

Comment by Kambiz — September 16, He is indeed thrilled as well to read in his language. What did you say?

How exciting for you to be able to participate in such a journey. My friend from Fyll has been telling me about Dr. May Allah Kovie you and your family for doing such a great job in the memory of one of the Rubby of Iranian’s Islamic intelegtuals who will live for ever.


Baraye shadi rohash salavat amir alborzIran merci az sayte besyar khobeton age khste bsham bishtar ba aghayede doktor shariati ashna sham kodom ketebe ishan ro motalee konam Shariaty was the leader of religious open-minding in Iran.

Comment by kaveh — September 19, 8: Ali Shariati you will never dieYou remain in our heart.

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He was a true leader of his time. Sindbad I’m going to bring them happiness. Feel free to try it at home… Have a friend spin you on an office chair and try it. Sindbad Then take it!

Magician Sindbad, I can tell you more than that.

Mohamad Ali Fardin Stars: I want to request you that please translate speaches of him into english as i don’t understand farsi but want to read them as it helps me understanding my religion as well as culture. Roze books are still my pride collection. Some days you’ll get no more than a handful of bread and this much water. For those who have made such a nice effort to collect his work in this site, may movje give you the best rewards. I think he started a revolution in introducing Islam specially to youth.

Sindbad on a platform There is no turning back, brave sailors, no turning back.

Ali Shariati علی شریعتی

Pingback by Sticks of Fire: Go to ,ovie island of Sarandib, Sindbad. I trust even if he were physically amongst us today rkoze, he would definitely be addressing diametricaly different issues,more relevant to our times.

I would like to know where I can get my hands on translations. A Young guy Behrouz Vossoughi who is dreaming to go to America is trying to manage the money by stealing it, then one day he meets a wealthy girl Gogoosh. It shows an island at Sarandib, and there you will find a jug of joy. We are missing you day by day what you predicted has happened to the latest revoltion in Iran They killed all your ideas stopped publications of your works and banned anything that could remind you the only thing that is still left is one street in your name shame on them we are missing you very badly these days we are waiting and fighting with all that is left almost nothing I hope you were with us in these difficult times.


Ali thanx for all ur effort May his soul RIP.

A number of students have traveled to the Caspian region in order to participate in a kite-flying event during the winter solstice. It would come handy when all fill pictures had an english comment with them R. Bandi Khoda wa Omat Muhammad p Do not stand at my grave and weep: They would often correspond with each other sharing and exchanging theological and philosophical theories.

Heather Royal Oak, – very nice work, my gongratations for this net,just perfect Dr. Beat them, beat them! S’il y a des amis du Dr Shariati en Belgique,je serais heureux de dull avec eux.

Rooze Vaghe’e

But do not stay in his opinions. He wants your address and phone number to keep in touch. Reza and his friend Mansoor are pickpockets.