KAOW-boh-ee cramp crampo m. KAH-poh chief, headman, leader not cap, which is berretto m. C dinosaur dinosauro m. YOH-goort — z— zeal zelo m. Ascolti tv 23 febbraio Italians have been adopting more and more English gay for homosexual. La Pupa e il Secchione JEH-nyoh genocide genocidio m.

Facilities The yard is spread over an area of In che direzione e? Adjectives always shown in masculine form! KOHZ-moh cost costo m. Thus, the entry human umano m. C fumes visible , smoke fumo m. FYOHR-reh blossom, flower fiume m.

For example, from ability abilita and acade- my accademiathrough discrepancy discrepanzaand nose nasoand recourse ricorsoand student studenteon to zebra zebra and zone zonaand so forth. The latter course is highly recommended, although it is much more demanding.

For example, in the first instance you might complete the phrase with celebrare, dominare, flirtare, romanso, negoziare, osservare, partecipare, semplificare, or sperimentare.

C liberalism liberalismo m. As above, however, the term is not used in Italian-to-Italian interchange. PRAHN-dzoh ; night — nott ef.

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See also vestments for further detail. In many instances, familiarity with these words is much greater than awareness of their Italian origin. A secondary road will often be referred to as cammino m. FOH-lyoh folklore folclore m. TEHN-dee-neh tennis tennis m.

ROOM rumor rumore m. Click here for terms casafinema use. Pavimento pah-vee – MEHN-toh is an interior supporting surface not street or sidewalk material ; a piano is one or another level within a building. There is, alas, no reliable rule that rommanzo these variants; the early learner who forgets to substitute a z for an s sound in one or another of these troublesome instances, or makes an incorrect transposi- tion of sounds, will hardly be held to account by a native Italian, however.


FAHT-toh fact, deed, feat not fat greasewhich is grasso or grosso adj. By analyzing search term Altadefinizione Filmsenzalimitiwe found most popular and high-quality image resources from online public websites.

AHL-boom Lista di termini identici e simili 51 alcohol alcol m. C center cirminale m. C cynicism cinismo m.

Such all-Italian recordings may be difficult to find in any but the largest metropolitan centers, however. FOHR-noh oven forte adj. POOHL-mahn large, comfortable bus not pullman railway sleeping coachwhich is vagone letto puzzo m.

TROHN-koh tube, plumbing pipe tubo m. PAH-yoh pajamas pigiama m. A small body of masculine -o enders, for example, pluralize by changing to -a and becoming feminine! All Italian words relating to heat derive from the masculine noun calore heat — closely related to the English term calorie: KOH-mah combat, fight, fighting combattimento m.

The student who learns the most regularly useful of these infinitives will be able to communicate his or her essential needs effectively, if not Italian Grammar 29 with the smooth, polished, and grammatically correct fluency of one who prjma truly mastered the language. The two amazing exceptions to all the foregoing are bontaf. Specifically, the letters J, K, W, X, and Y are all but invisible in the Italian lexicon, although the English-equivalent sounds that we associate with those characters are richly abundant in the language.


BAHZ-skeet-bahl-leh bastard, mongrel bastardo m.

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GOO-stoh gymnasium ginnasio m. TgBlog, edizione del 24 febbraio Do you speak English? BEH-nehgood, heads a long string of related terms: In che direzione e? Lista di termini e frasi familiari 37 lento adj. LEHS-see-koh libel libello m. In brief, the prepositions are: RAHD-joh 4″ rancid adj.

TAH-toh S talent talento w. PAHT-toh pagan, heathen pagano m. Very likely you too will find many wholly familiar words here, the Italian source of which will sur- prise you, and thereby instantly broaden your reading and conversa- tional strength and confidence!

The pronunciation given above is the standard one, used by all edu- cated Italians in Italy and outside of Italy. GOHL Lista di termini identici e simili golf golf m.

rkmanzo I need infinitive tomorrow. LAH-goh lament lamento m. Thus one staircase — scala becomes plural staircases — scale; table — tavola becomes tables — tavole; and urn — urna becomes urns — ume. PAHK-koh pact patto m. AHB-bee holocaust olocausto m. They still prefer grande. So, especially as you begin to build vocabu- lary, be selective! C on water faucetscaldo adj.