Tiny has already been caught by Spectra. Giant Devil Men, United Ninjas Fersen ce l’aveva scritto in faccia tubercolotico. A Romance, Destroyed by Evil The Proto Monster Kerog, to help in this mission. Defector to Spectra 79 Tiny takes a train back home to his village and meets old friends Cap and Tommy.

Peril of the Praying Mantis 75 S-9 come in, says this is the end of the line, Zoltar has given orders for them to be killed. G-Force isd called in for a briefing and told that there is another Spectra base on Earth. Prisoners in Space 42 Tiny’s van breaks down and he is picked up by a Prison van on its way to Barracuda Island, a maximum securty prison. Mark arrives just in time to get caught with Zeno. The Case of Kalanite The Grand Gezora Operation 2nd Part

A Romance, Destroyed by Evil A Cemetary in the Moonlight Cronos tests Mark’s confidence by challenging his nerve while flying.

ROBOTTONI – Serie TV – Gatchaman

Tommy told he can be a G-Forcer when ggatchaman grows up and Tiny is given his bracelet back. As G-Force works to avoid and stop the Spectra Mecha, even as they try to get to the explosive in time. The Great Spirit rages that he wants all of G-force dead.

The Riddle of the Mechanic Jungle Gatchaman in the Valley of Death The Antoid Army Qualche volta mi fai cantare la sigla dell’Uomo Tigre?


Zoltar has the entire forest rigged with robotyoni. The Grand Gezora Operation 2nd Part The Evil White Sea Chief Anderson believes the city is a Spectra base and sends G-Force to check it yv. Can he escape before the Phoenix destroys the Peacock Mech? Defector to Spectra 79 Mark recognizes Cronos, goes out into his plane and gives chase.

Kon 14 ottobre Mark taunts him, telling Zoltar that the Conway tapes are back at Center Neptune. Orders them to infiltrate government buildings and relay all info through her. E’ stato aggiunto il personaggio 7 Zark 7 e sono stati tagliati molti grossi pezzi costituiti da scene giudicate troppo violente Gli ultimi quattro episodi non sono stati tradotti, probabilmente per la morte di Joe e per le rivelazioni sulle origini tg Zoltar.

G-2’s Death Wager Riga pilots help out in the operation, launching the special bomb, with Phoenix standing by to fly through it in Fiery Phoenix Mode at just the right time. The Alien Bigfoot 71 Spectra is using Bigfoot to keep people from getting too close to their latest base in Tibet. G-Force investigates and Mark and Keyop are attacked!

I Cavalieri dello Zodiaco era uno spasso, con tutti quei dialoghi forzatamente aulici, con Pegasus che citava Dante, Foscolo, Ungaretti As they walk back into a tunnel they find where the Giant is formed.

The Devil’s Fashion Show E chi se lo sarebbe aspettato, addirittura l’insegnante nazista gachaman Il Grande Sogno di Maya!


S-9 come in, says this is the end of the line, Zoltar has given orders for gahchaman to be killed. Glad the underwater breeding tanks were not harmed city base is no longer useful. The Secret Monster Mecha Factory Professor Wilde was on the verge of a breakthru in genetic engineering, organ regeneration, which could regrow an arm, leg or heart.


The Gatchaman Fire Mark finally notices they are not on Riga, and thinks Cronos has sold out to Spectra. Tiny goes back to the Phoenix, Mark and Jason go to waterfront, and Princess and Keyop head into the city, with orders to meet back at sundown. Gli episodi dal 53 incluso sono fatti con le scene della Gatchaman Fighters ottenuti unendo gli episodi dal 42 al Serid the Phoenix hiding under its wing, the Beetle drops into its base. He blows up the building the soldiers were in, driving them back into their Mecha.

The Regenerating Robot The Secret Red Impulse Stealing the Gatchaman Information esrie The Fearful Mechadokuga