Its second-season premiere episode became the network’s best season premiere ever. He notes that the snorkeller must have been killed through her goggles as well as her skull, and the black marlin has the power to do that. However, the tigerfish are not interested on feeding on him. For three decades, Jeremy Wade has travelled the world to find the biggest and most fearsome river monsters on the planet. After hearing an eyewitness’ encounter, Jeremy is able to determine the identity of the culprit: There, he finds a picture of the beast, and discovers it to be the massive wels catfish, a monster Jeremy has battled before. Wade notes that this man had been a fisherman for around thirty years, and knew the species very well. Here they turn their lights to red, where they wait for a Shark.

Greenland sharks are estimated to live up to years, and Wade notes that some elderly greenland sharks alive today would have been swimming in the ocean at the same time as the Mayflower. The marine biologist concludes that it was not a stingray, because it would cause the area around the wound to change colour to a purple, green or blue. Rio Madeira floodplain lake, Brazil Shallow, muddy and snaggy. Chernobyl, home of the worst nuclear accident in history. This could explain one of the deaths, but unlikely all six. But when the water drops and becomes more murky, the tigerfish attacks are much more likely to occur.

Its strength is then proven as Wade hooks into this tank-like fish in what is his longest battle to date. However, Wade states that Tiger Sharks do not live in large enough numbers to be entirely responsible. Wade then wonders if the culprit is anadromousand came into the salt water from fresh water. A man was fishing with a net while no nonsters was there.

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Jeremy revisits some of the many scientific projects he has worked with over his career and presents new information discovered since his time with the researchers. As time runs out and the river threatens to swell and become unfishable thanks to a storm, Jeremy finally hooks and catches the tapah, bringing closure to his pursuit of the one river monster to ever best him.

They had a big fish in the net. They are precariously placed on a precipice that drops down several more miles. A river monster unlike any other is patrolling the Congo river of Africa. In the past, Jeremy nearly lost his life to malaria. He also concludes that these fish were both practising their very easily agitated arpaima behaviours. Inscientists discovered a new genus of rare sharks known as Glyphis sharks which not only tolerate freshwater, but are purely freshwater fish.


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While fishing for one, Jeremy finds something even more shocking and terrifying than a fully grown shark. Wade then travels to Northern Europe, where wrapaima learns interesting facts about the Greenland shark. On the way, he encounters treacherous Bull Sharks, much-feared Alligator Gars and nearly pound halibuts. It was also its most watched regularly airing primetime telecast in over six years.

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He finally uncovers the truth that piranhas really can be dangerous to humans, but rivr in the dry season when other food is scarce. On his second dive, Jeremy finds himself in a massive underwater labyrinth, and eventually manages to spot a large school of tigerfish. He investigates the possibilities of the culprit being whirlpools or crocodilesbut determines neither fit. He then has one of his longest battles yet in a foot powered raft using a fly rod in a remote river with a pound tarpon.

XenacanthusAlligator garXiphactinusIndo-Pacific sailfishLeedsichthysWhale sharkMegapiranhaRed bellied piranhaHelicoprionPacific hagfishSpotted ratfishDunkleosteusWhite sturgeonRhizodusQueensland lungfishSaltwater Crocodile This extended two-hour special of “Prehistoric Terror” features new footage of Jeremy investigating prehistoric monsters and their modern day counterparts.

After looking into eye-witness reports, Wade is granted permission to access parts of Ascension Epiwode, the nearest landmass to where the Laconia went down, and had launched B Liberators to attack the U-Boats during the Laconia Incident. Armed with a inch, venom spisode barb, this fish grows to 16 feet long and its venom has no known antidote. River Monsters Monstegs Gar. When new reports surface of violent attacks on people, Jeremy seizes the opportunity to reel in one of the last giant taimen and travels to the wild frontiers of northern Mongolia, the taimen’s last stronghold.

As this goes against his previous findings on piranha behaviour, Jeremy suspects that there must be some introduced predator in the river system that is making the piranha turn to man-eating tendencies. In the episode, “Death Ray”, Wade caught a pregnant giant freshwater stingraythe largest fish he ever landed. He treks into the Waitomo Caves and Lake Manapouri and discovers just how savage and dangerous these “devourers of men” can be.


Greenland sharkAtlantic codAtlantic halibutDog, Seagull Greenland shark Jeremy Wade hears of a mysterious case of a greenland shark washing up on a beach in Northumberland England. The fish had the same description as the previous sightings, but this fish was encountered in fresh water. Jeremy must face the truth of what might have happened to a child who fell into the water not so long ago.

Wade digs up eye-witness reports that tell of strange silvery fish perpetrating the first attacks. It was also the longest fight Wade ever had with a fish The second longest being the Short-tail river stingray in the episode, “Silent Assassin”. The trip resulted in Jeremy feeling the full force of one of these blows as one arapaima’s tail hit his chest. His last and greatest catch turns out to be a species of arapaima new to science.

Local divers have allegedly witnessed giant catfish and been too scared to dive in the lake again. His search initially begins locally in his home of England with a man’s horrifying story of being attacked by a conger eel while diving.

He then catches a needlefish, and points out its sharp snout. Next, Jeremy investigates the Xiphactinusand catches a sailfish in the Indian Ocean as a reminder of the speed of this massive meat-eating fish. After catching smaller ones, Jeremy then must face off against a large goonch which may prove there are monster goonch ready to eat people.

Although he already knows they have the ability to cause serious harm, Wade still must determine if they have the attitude to attack a human to find out if they deserve their reputation. Wade stays over night at the man’s house, a traditional custom in the area that ensures that no one will go hungry.

Not only are the arapaima in the area far bigger and more aggressive than those he has ever battled before, they are illegal to fish for.

The submarine has a pig on the front for bait.