The biggest problem for Return to PopoloCrois: That said, there are a bunch of quality-of-life features like the ability to fast-travel, view hints on where to go and tweak the difficulty at just about any point that make it more accessible than earlier PopoloCrois titles. PopoloCrois is a bit too basic when compared to even the other kid-friendly RPGs on the 3DS, both in terms of story and gameplay. This series started out as a comic but became a cult classic game series in Japan thanks to a string of games on the original PlayStation. Random battles are a thing though you can tweak the encounter rate , and the action takes place on a grid, where players can move party members to advantageous positions, strike the enemy, or use basic skills. You have a straightforward quest juxtaposed to a deep, but not too deep farming element. The Return to PopoloCrois:

Great game, very underrated. Despite all the darkness in Galariland, the game keeps an uplifting tone that keeps it from being a completely forgettable fairytale. I mean, this is a game where your parents are called “Queen” and “King,” here, so don’t expect a whole lot of exposition. The Return to PopoloCrois: The two titles have a similarly peaceful pastoral setting and apparently a large female fanbase in Japan so it initially seems like a good mix, but unfortunately the gameplay side of things is a bit lacking. Innovative in some ways and a charming combination of farming simulation and JRPG.

It plays like a nice home cooked meal and is fun even though clearly simplified as both an RPG and a farming simulator. Mixed or average reviews – based on 28 Critics What’s this? The core story is roughly 30 hours or so, but you can mess around with all of the side content and the farming aspect for far beyond that, which is a perfect excuse to spend weeks on end with a portable. Every character looks pronounced, and it’s not hard to put names with faces even after less than stor hour of play.


You are logged out. He finally decided to take the next step, make an account, and start blogging in January of It’s a great concept but both play styles take a long time to really ramp up to the point where they’re worth playing. A Story of Seasons Fairytale. All of the side stuff is tedious, but in a good way. Article By Adam Roffel Adam Roffel has only been writing about video games for a short time, but has honed his skills completing a Master’s Degree.

I… Return to PopoloCrois: Maybe the difficulty not that so hard but it’s very fun game. None of the designs of the new characters or enemies stood out to me, but the environments are nice and colourful. The core game is a JRPG through and through, complete with dungeons, a linear storyline, and tactical combat.

Looking for new reviewers. Home Features News Reviews Games. Despite all the darkness in Galariland, the game keeps an uplifting popilocrois that keeps it from being a completely forgettable fairytale. But among them is a very special guest: Said peace was achieved by defeating stofy evil GamiGami Devil who has since gone good, isn’t that nice with the help of the White Knight.

Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale

Vairytale, players have to help the heroic Prince Pietro return to his home kingdom after he finds himself transported to the neighbouring world of Galariland. Marmela, a representative from an Dive into the soil of a land corrupted by darkness. You will do this by entering poisoned fields and making them clean.


At the end of the day, these dungeons are few and far between. It doesn’t end at farming though, as you can go on a Twilight Princess -level bug hunt, mine resources, or feed animals as well. Jake Hunter Detective Story: It also brings in elements from the franchise formerly known as Harvest Moon, mixing the farming with a more traditional RPG experience.

It is up to you, as Prince Pietro, to make a life for yourself in Galariland while seeking a way home, doing everything you can in the meantime to cultivate the earth and new friendships alike.

A fantastical fairytale adventure awaits!

Review: Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale

Overall, if you go into this game expecting the RPG to come first, and the farming to be a secondary experience, your expectations are realistic. It’s all seamlessly oopolocrois into the game, and I’d often spend hours tending my farm, completely forgetting there was a campaign. Characters take turns moving on a grid and can either spend MP to pull off special moves or just run up to enemies and whack them. See all 28 Critic Reviews.

For that matter, the voice cast in general the English side, at least isn’t impressive, and overall, it doesn’t sound very professional — from an acting and quality standpoint. Pietro reciew up the farming life early on in the game and gradually gains access to new farms that each accomodate different crops.

The rustic feel of the setting comes through effectively in the both the visuals and the audio.