Narcisse shows up with Estelle. He says dark times are upon them, the reckoning is here and blood will pay for blood. Plus she had spies followed her. Retrieved November 7, Francis finds Mary by the water. Lola is surprised when she’s approached by Narcisse, who wishes to pursue her as a sexual partner.

Lola asks her to be godmother and says she knows this puts her in an awkward position but says there is no one she trusts more. Francis still wishes to reconcile with Mary, but she has secretly grown attached to Louis. Greer shows up to see Castleroy. Retrieved October 17, Mary sneaks out of the castle to go to Louis, asking that he protect her because she’s pregnant with his child. Protestant radicals take a monastery hostage in retaliation for Francis’s sending troops to Scotland, but Bash and Renaude recover it successfully.

Bash fears that Francis’s sickness is the cost of his being revived by Delphine. Kenna feels neglected by Bash, and this gives Antoine the opportunity to try to seduce her. Retrieved February 20, Believing Narcisse to be abusive, Lola and Mary sneak Estelle out of the castle, but Estelle later jumps off a cliff to her death.

The mark of the rider is on him. When Catherine learns that Claude is trying to seduce Narcisse, she orders Leith to become Claude’s bodyguard. Lola is tasked by Francis to plant false evidence that would get Narcisse arrested as a traitor but she claims she was unable to go through with it. They dress her as a servant and she loads her up.

The Lamb and the Slaughter

Previous to the ceremony, Mary tells Francis that she’s pregnant. Retrieved March 20, Narcisse uncovers Catherine’s plot and saves Lola and her son; Francis is angered at his mother’s actions and has Catherine exiled from court. Was this review helpful to you? Francis welcomes Leith back and apologizes for having to give his lands to Narcisse. He says the thrill for him was in the waiting with her.


Castleroy is released due to Leith’s petitioning, and Greer tells him to leave court without her. Mary realizes the ramifications of her helping Louis and tries to reconcile with Francis. Start your free trial. More couples come to dance and Leith is rotated to be her partner. On the eve of the attack, Delphine performs a sexual pagan ritual with a servant boy.

The bodies of the recently-executed Protestants bear the marks of the dark riders, so Cardinal Perazzo Bruce Ramsay concludes that Protestants have this mark to declare their extremism. Bash investigates a man Greg Calderone who was supposedly resurrected from the dead by a woman in white. Mary sneaks out of the castle to go to Louis, asking that he protect her because she’s pregnant with his child. Lola goes to see Estelle who begs her to set her free from Narcisse.

Akers, uncertain whether the marriage is still valid, abandons Louis to return to England. He says he loved her and wanted to protect her from ruin.

Mary learns about the wedding and is heartbroken. Season 2 DVD Cover.

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Renaude is executed for treason. Lola reminds her that they helped her when she was facing marriage to a bad man. Looks like that friendship is done.

Francis and Bash work together to undermine Cardinal Perazzo by putting the mark on his lover, forcing the Cardinal to recant wehclip stance on the mark’s meaning.

Francis arranges a marriage for his and Lola’s son with the Habsburgs, but it’s sabotaged when Lola meets them while high on Marie’s opiates. Catherine informs Francis, Mary and Bash about Henry’s poisoned Bible, which kicks off an investigation into who was responsible for Henry’s madness and all the problems that followed.

Mary demands that Louis choose between her and Elizabeth; Louis chooses Mary, and they have sex.

Retrieved December 12, Lola recognizes her and tells the other ladies that she last saw her in a cage where he had locked her up. Megan Follows and Caitlin Stasey also star. Louis is to be executed but escapes thanks to Elizabeth’s agents. If it was then it would be boring. Mary episide discomfited by the baby, but gives Francis her blessing to claim him.


While Francis and Bash are away killing Montgomery, a group of Protestant assassins sneak into the castle. Mary helps Nostradamus leave the castle, avoiding Catherine. Audible Download Audio Books. She sits on their bed smiling and they are appalled since they are naked in bed. Afterward, Francis meets Nostradamus, whom he has been seeing in seaason Francis is still dying and Nostradamus has been giving him medicine to stave off the symptoms.

Afterward Mary is comforted by Catherine, who helps her hide the evidence and present a strong front to the people of France.

Bash says their father went mad from his sins and dies at anothers hand. Catherine, with Narcisse’s help, discovers that she is actually being slowly poisoned by the pages of Henry’s old Bible, which they conclude was also responsible for turning Henry insane.

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Francis finds Mary by the water. Castleroy comes in and tells Greer she needs to go. Narcisse confides to Lola that he’s shocked at the Protestants’ desperation and regrets to have brought things this far. The day after, all participants in the ceremony aside from Louis and Akers are mysteriously killed and evidence of the wedding destroyed. A sheep herder is moving his sheep in the rain when he sees horses. Share this Rating Title: