Fugitive monkeys back at Berlin zoo, days after breakout The Telegraph Macon. The main effects and consequences of that rule of force for Croatia were, and still are: This newly won independence was, unfortunately, short-lived. Trumbitch, and to a few other delegates. If this latter remainder exceeds votes, one more representative shall be allotted to the party which has got them. These who thunder and rule in Europe did not offer that which, by virtue of the principles governing nationhood, they should have offered; rather, they gifted the very eyes and door of Croatian state and people to treacherous and enemy Italy, so that she might close the door and eyes of the Croatian Nation forever. Da bude svima pravo, morao bi se zvati:

Mary of Mercy u Pittsburghu. According to their notion and teaching, all the Balkan Peoples should be subsumed by Serbia. Links King to Terrorism. Political parties which have been publicly formed and have adopted a party program of their own shall be considered as public associations and normal organs of political life. The president who has been elected at an extraordinary election shall also immediately enter upon his office. Any infringement of such nature shall be punished by a special punishment.

Therefore wethe members of the Croatian National Council of North America, in the name ofpeople of Croatian origin vast living on this continent, appeal hereby to the League of Nations, to the governments of the United States and Canada and all other civilized nations, to the Press, and maltj the individual statesmen and political leaders of the world.

By the Meeting Act freedom of speech at all meetings shall be safeguarded according to the principle that any interference with a speech held at a meeting, or with the order during the same, forms an infringement of one of the most natural human rights without which there can be no progress.

Croatian National Rights and Traditions. The president cannot be simultaneously a representative nor can the vice- presidents act as representatives so long as they are performing the duties of cjjes vice president.

Doctor Budak escaped death only svaja of his strong constitution, but, as a consequence of the terrible beating he received in that assault, he had to spend many months in bed, recuperating from the wounds and from the shock to his nerves.

The installation of the dictatorship was followed by the suspension of the rights of assembly and free speech. Predavec, the representative of the Croatian Peasant Party, who was murdered.

A standing army is generally, and among peasants particularly, apt to undermine the cazt of morals, wealth-production, civilization and liberty.

Na ovaj prigovor mora se svakako ogovoriti. This position, as all the later parliamentary elections showed, was never changed by the Croatian people. Between the rows of barbed wire trained dogs roamed. Yovanovitch, former ucjes at Belgrade University, a well know political economist and leader of the Yugoslav Peasant Movement, is, or until very recently, was for several months in solitary confinement.


In adjudicating compensations for landed property the principal question before the decision of the issue shall be, how a particular large estate has been acquired.

Thunder is not heard, nor is there any rain, except occasionally. Igor Shakic Kostim i scena: Neither taxes nor any kinds of rates shall be imposed on the most necessary means of supporting life such as bread and flour, salt, milk, kerosine. A representative is elected, if electors have voted for him. Forcing down the standards of culture. Bugari, Srbi i Hrvati posebice razvijali i stvarali svoju povjest. Exercise of National Sovereignty. It condemns, explicitly, the imprisonment, flogging, torturing and murdering of Croatian leaders, eliminating, thereby, the best sons of the Croatian nation.

During all this time, however, Croatia preserved its individuality and distinctness as a nation, as well as the autonomy of its internal affairs.

It may be taken for granted that amendments relative to territory will abide by the universally acknowledged right of national self-determination as the principle, and the plebiscite to be held within certain bordering areas as the method, by application of which the state territory may be extended or reduced. For personal affronts offered through a newspaper the shortest possible procedure shall be enacted by a special act.

Denationalization of the Croatian people was one constant policy of the Belgrade rulers. Peoples who gain their freedom at the hands of others soon become their subordinates. Nikola Blagojevic Kamera assist: Whosoever violates these provisions, and particularly the police and court officers, shall be personally responsible to the law, and their pleading of having acted upon higher orders shall not be accepted. Baldwin, Chairman of the International Committee for Political Prisoners, sent the following letter to the Yugoslav representative in Washington on November 24, Result of the shooting: An appeal from such an authority will probably persuade the Belgrade government that now, after the world war, and almost in the very center of Europe, it may not by most brutal and most violent methods of the darkest periods of the Middle Ages continue to carry out a regime of oppression and plunder over the whole Croatian Nation under the mendacious plea of the existence of one tri-named nation of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

Its geographic area is about that of France.

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After long investigation, hearings, and torture in Hungarian prisons, I, and the others, was to be sent to Russia. If the said Board does not decide it within that period, the Government shall return the by-laws to the parish or county respectively provided with the only remark that they have been examined.


Complete Independence regained The records show about known cases of persons either directly killed or so tortured that they died.

National affairs shall be administered by the President of the Republic together with the National Government. I mi smo zadovoljni sa njezinim uspjehom.

Frenkie & Buba Corelli (Troyanac 2012)

Since the Germans, in their blindness, were opposed to an independent Ukraine, Bandera worked against them.

In reality, as soon as the union was carried through in the above described manner, it became evident, that being a Croat was a terrible mxltu to all those who had any business with governmental agencies and particularly for those who were qualified for, and wished to enter, any branch of the government service.

I The Croatian Representative Body accepts, agrees to, and approves of, all kda, resolutions, policies and, in the main, all proceedings of the late Representative Body returned at the elections of Nov. Every public officer shall be entitled to obedience to his orders as long as he keeps within the limit of law. Related News by Email. The Republic will issue paper and metal money as a legal tender for the exchange of goods, and will guarantee for its value.

There shall be neither military nor other special courts nor special police and eeci courts. To Vam mogu samo budale vjerovati. Amer Beganovic Produkcija assist: Medju tim Slavenima nalaze se: A merchant, Javor by name, was hanged by one arm, while burning candles were applied to his naked body. To meet the expenses incurred by its own sphere of activity the parish shall possess quite independent means obtained by levying of parish rates sources of taxation and amount of rates to be fixed by the parish council e.

We particularly appeal to them to prevail upon the king and the government of Serbia to peacefully withdraw the Serbian troops and administrative apparatus from the Croatian territory, in order, that the Croatian nation may in complete freedom exercise its right of self-determination, and decide about its future.

buba corelli frenkie jala kontra rmx download

On the basis of our own state-rights, we particularly demand the preservation of the continuity of the distinct Croatian statehood. The Assembly shall, if sitting, without delay, with a simple majority and within 24 hours after the plebiscite at the latest, and, if not sitting, within 8 days, elect the deputy president.

The exclusive right monopoly to sell certain articles of general consumption shall be reserved to, and shall be exercised only by, the Republic.